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    illustrator cut contour

    hi guys

    ok i did my logo in illustrator now i want to do the cut contour. just want to know if i just take the pen and draw around the logo and thats all.....or is there more to it?



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    Hi....I think there is more to it in Illustrator, I'd tell you how but im tired of bagging my head against the trying to figure it out.
    good luck to ya

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    Here is the basic way:

    Build 3 layers
    1 with reg marks
    1 with logo for print
    1 with contour cut

    turn off contour cut layer and print logo with reg marks
    turn off logo for print layer
    turn on contour cut layer

    Align in cutter with reg marks and send to cutter.

    Are you using cut master?

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    I've always just created a spot color swatch called CutContour and apply it to the path you want cut.

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    no im not doing the print just the design


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