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    Summa Cutter, WinPlot, CorelDraw X3 and X4


    I didn't see this posted anywhere here as far as I could tell and
    I thought this might help those that have a Summa Cutter and wish to cut directly out of CorelDraw X3 or X4 using Summa's Winplot program.

    After I upgraded to X4, I wasn't sure about the proper way to add the Winplot plug-in that I had been using in X3, so I sent an email to SummaUSA.

    Here is the reply...

    ...."If you go to www.summausa.com go under support drivers and downloads software utilities. Download summa cutter tools 1.8 then install cutter tool. If you already have cutter tools you may want to delete and re- install the new download this cutter tools has the X4 plug-in. If you would like help on the phone please call us and we will give you a hand"....

    So I first went into Add/Remove Programs and un-installed the Summa Cutter Control, and the Winplot that I had been using.

    Then I went to SummaUSA.com and downloaded the newer Winplot 6.8 and the Cutter Tools 1.8.

    Then I installed Winplot first, and then Cutter Tools 1.8, which includes an updated Cutter Control, and the updated Winplot Plug-in for CorelDraw X3 and X4. It automatically installed the plug-in for X3 and X4 at the same time with no problems, and it comes with nice new buttons for exporting to Winplot and setting OPUS Markers.

    Even if you don't have X4, it's probably worth the update since Cutter Control, Winplot and the Winplot plug-in are newer versions.

    Also, I didn't have to reset my Cutter Control settings at all since it just reads them from the settings you had saved in the cutter already.

    Have a good one.

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    Good to know thanks.

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