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    error 50 media sense - jv4 woes..

    Hi guys,

    I've been dealing with this error for a few days now. I've tried cleaning the sensor with alcohol but it didn't help. Any ideas or do I just need to replace the sensor? Where would you recommend I get one?


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    A few things to check:
    1) Make sure black strip is clean.
    2) Sometimes overhead lighting can affect the sensor, so close the front cover if it isn't already.
    3) Make sure you haven't pinched the wires that run from the sensor to the slider board. This sometimes happens when you are working in the area, for example when you are changing dampers...
    4) Check if the sensor is aligned properly over the black strip. You can use the paper sensor test under the #TEST menu to check the actual readings of the sensor at various positions across the platen to see exactly where the problem is.
    5) Make sure the media is set at least 15 mm from the right edge of the right-most pinch roller.
    6) Bad sensor, slider board, or other cable/ circuit problem.

    We have parts.

    Rob Earle Inkjet Services
    44 Venable Road
    Harrisville, NH 03450
    Authorized Mimaki Service and Parts

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    rob - no soliciting without a merchant membership - tsk tsk

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    Angry Help Needed!!

    I have MIMAKI jv33-160 printer, giving this message ***ERROR 50***
    "No media detect"
    I've noticed that the sensor can detect the paper start but never detect the paper end!!

    I've tried all these solutions:

    # Cleaning the media sensor.
    # Replacing the media sensor.
    # Checking the sensor cables.
    # Cleaning both the black rubber and the paper area.
    # Replacing the board of sensors.

    I still have the same problem after all that!!

    Does the Linear Encoder causes such a problem?

    I'll be happy to hear any new solutions....

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