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    XC-540 Issues, 0101 Service Code

    Hey guys, one of our employees had a job cutting after being laminated and it bunched up in the printer causing it to stop. She powered it off an on before I got in there so I don't know what it said. I tried to get it working again after that but kept getting a 0105 Service Code. I tried to do a Limit Initialization but the cutter cartridge and print cartridge would not separate to complete it and kept giving me a Limit Sensor error. Now it has switched to a 0101 error code.

    The problem is the printer has been down for a few days now so as soon as you hit the sub power it tries to do the initial starup clean. It can't do the clean because the 0101 error pops up so I am at a standstill. Any recommendations on this issue? Is there a way to bypass that clean cycle on startup so I can try the Initialization again? Thanks everyone for any help!

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    In att you have few pages from SC-545 EX service manual!
    Your machine is similar, maybe this help you?
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    Awesome, thanks a lot!! I will have a look!

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    Had this same problem..."as soon as you hit the sub power it tries to do the initial starup clean. It can't do the clean because the 0101 error pops up". After a few days of frustration and a few phone calls, turns out that the sheet cut button was stuck down on the control panel. I took a small screw driver and pried it back over so it would pop up, then everything was fine. I am not sure if this is your problem or not, but I would check all of the buttons on the control panel and make sure none are stuck down.

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    I had the same problem and followed the sheet and kept comming up with the 0101 error it lacks to mention that once the heads touch the capping station there is 2 or 3 more up (on the xc-540 you need to keep pressing the up arrow till it stops beeping) even after the heads touch then.... all done and calibrated The reason mine did it that it was powered down when I was setting it in the first place, tripped over the chord

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