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    How to install Flex Face Videos?

    Hello I've been doing signs for about 25 years but have only done a few flex face signs personally about 15 years ago, but have sold and had installers that have done multiple.
    Currently I do not have any installers that know how to install the flex faces.
    Are there any videos anyone knows about or how to on the different types of clip systems and best way to install?
    Any help would be great.
    Also I am new to this forum and hopefully posting to correct area and did search on Flex Face, panoflex, and cooley and couldn't find any results so if I did it incorrectly any help would be appreciated.

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    I don't know of any videos but the manufactures should have manuals. The tricky part is doing the install with no wrinkles. Practice, practice, practice. Every system is slightly different with the order of tensioning to remove wrinkles. The most common is to install all the clips loosely, tension the middle third of the sides, then the middle third of top and bottom. We then start to tension the others until they are about even with the middle, top and bottom thirds. Then we just go in a round-a-bout adding tension to all, one at a time until there are no wrinkles and required tension is applied. OR you can hire someone that knows and watch closely.

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    I also have limited experience with flex faces.....but this video made the job a lot easier

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