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  1. Summa T series 160 not connecting

    I just restarted my computer and it all started working...
  2. Summa T series 160 not connecting

    I have 2 t series S160 plotters. Last month 1 quit cutting and says" Could not open Summa Socket Cutter" Today I went to cut some vinyl and the other machines does the same thing.. The machines run off ethernet connections, on 2 different hubs in the work area.. I pinged the ip address and both...
  3. What RA material are you using?

    I've been using Oracal 3165RA for the last 10-12 years. It's on back order right now without a date of when anyone will get some. What material are others using and have good luck with? Printing with an Epson 60600
  4. 2020 Ford Super Duty on tailgate

    Thats why I was asking here to see if anyone here had done it.. He wants a custom color...
  5. 2020 Ford Super Duty on tailgate

    I have a customer that wants the word "SUPER DUTY" on his 2020 FORD tailgate to have a decal over it. I thought I'd asked if anyone has already done this before I spend the time to trace it to make one... I'm willing to pay for a file if anyone has it..
  6. Epson S60600 Ink Odor?

    I went to a friends shop to see his S60600, I noticed a distinct smell, is that something that comes with a solvent printer? I've had Roland Eco-Sol printers for the last 15 years and they don't have a smell.. Trying to decide weather to pull the trigger on ordering a new printer.. My office...
  7. Anyone Recongize this font?

    Customer had someone make a logo years ago and not he wants me to make a new logo with this font. Thought I'd see if anyone knew it before I told him no..
  8. Summa ST160 Class T Series cutting off-2 machines

    It is supposed to cut on the edge of the color... 10 decals on the sheet and all are perfect except the last 10" on the left side of machine. I have tried it on both my summas and with 2 different computers..
  9. Summa ST160 Class T Series cutting off-2 machines

    This week I noticed one of my summas is cutting about 1/4' off on 1 side of a 54" sheet. So today I decide to use y other machine. Same exact machine and it cutting off the exact same.. I'm sending to winplot from Illustrator CC and the computer is wireless to the network. Has anyone seen this...
  10. Cutter 60" or more

    Did you ever buy a plotter? I have a Summa I'm going to sell
  11. Budget Inks for Roland?

    I went to NBM show Saturday and spoke to the people and Budget Inks, Has anyone used these? They say there are 4000 users so I figure Signs 101 should have a couple people. They told me they use the same profiles, their print looked good at the show... Can save about $40.00 per cartridge...
  12. Which air egress vinyl? (Not wrap materials)

    Thanks, the letters aren't real small, 3/4".
  13. Which air egress vinyl? (Not wrap materials)

    I currently use oracal 3165RA for everything I print. The problem I run into is if you cut smal letters they easily come off the backing. Does anyone have a better air egress vinyl that weeds easier with small text?
  14. Anyone recogize this font?

    Thanks guys,, That will work..