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Recent content by James Burke

  1. Bonding Recommendations

    Oh Crap....I thought this was going to be a discussion about establishing a friendship... over a beer. JB
  2. Equipment Grants?

    I was worried there would be translation issues here, but it appears not..... JB
  3. So many ads interspersed within a thread...

    Hmmmmm.....Louisville is in K-Y. I'm finally beginning to make the connection. Ok....so who else wants to report what bawdy stuff shows up in your threads? JB
  4. So many ads interspersed within a thread...

    I suspected that. I thought it would make for an interesting story. They do throw in some weird stuff every now and then. JB
  5. So many ads interspersed within a thread...

    There are so many ads interspersed within replies that it's almost impossible to follow a thread. It's a good thing I checked twice. I almost gave a "thumbs up" to a somewhat provocative feminine product. JB
  6. Equipment Grants?

    Dude, you're in luck. There is help available. I apply to the WMAO and receive funds quite frequently. Matter of fact, everything I own has come through that effort, with a lot of help from GOYAKOD. You should look into it. They're both very generous organizations...and you don't have to...
  7. Hockey puck labels

    To "hold up", either pad print or screen print with UV ink. JB
  8. Cheap Bulk Stickers - 100 Stickers for $7 ??

    The short answer: Vertical Integration and Automation When you automate and own the resources for every input, and have the ability to make the equipment, you can rule the world. Take heed....it's already happening with giants like WalMart. Do a google search of "WalMart brands", and you'll...
  9. Sheet Metal Flat calculations

    Takes me back to the days of drafting, and sheet metal development. Much of it boils down to bend allowances. Sheet metal (plastics, etc...) stretches on the outer part of the bend, and compresses on inner bends. Minimum corner radii are determined by the material's malleability. It's also...
  10. shirt designs

    Tap into this resource, if you haven't already. There is a plethora of vendors. https://graphics-pro.com/ The online version is free. JB
  11. Jobs sorted alphabetically

    The cat walked across my keyboard, and by the time he was done rolling around on it, the screen was totally upside down and the mouse function was totally backward. Thank God for CTRL + ALT + Up Arrow. JB
  12. CNC

    In all honesty, you are starting at the wrong end of the question. A CNC is nothing more than a tool...albeit a very specialized tool...and it must fit into your business model, or it will become a very expensive boat anchor. 1) What do your customers want/need? Are their wants and needs...
  13. James Burke

    I have a Gerber GS power supply. Email me james@jarsa.net Jim

    I have a Gerber GS power supply. Email me james@jarsa.net Jim
  14. Why can't everybody be a "Nathan"?

    Sounds legit... But technically speaking: Lettering looks a bit wonky (size seems to vary in the longest line of text), a few kerning issues, one missed apostrophe,.... and, a, major, comma, splice.