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  1. Digital printing

    I'm looking for a digital print one piece 64"x150" Who can do that?
  2. Suggestions Insurance coverage

    Nice rig, did you just get it?
  3. Who prints flexface 60" wide

  4. Who prints flexface 60" wide

    It doesn't have to be flexface brand just media for a lighted sign. Sign is 60" so there needs to be some bleed.
  5. Suggestions Insurance coverage

    I think what the problem is, is that there are companies who do things like cut vinyl directly on vehicles and cut into the paint. Remember the horror story about the wrap gone wrong that was the buzz about 3-4 months ago. Wrap hackers did major damage to a client’s car. I’d accept a waver, no...
  6. Suggestions Insurance coverage

    Hi All, I just heard from my insurance broker, (we have 45yr relationship) who tells me that the commercial carriers they represent will no longer insure sign companies that offer wraps. The most we'll do is a partial wrap and still they refuse to unsure us. If you've encountered his, what are...
  7. Anyone cut vinyl directly from Corel?

    Thank you all for the input. Terry01 your suggestion sounds very interesting, I'll try it this weekend.:notworthy:
  8. Anyone cut vinyl directly from Corel?

    Is there software that let's you cut vinyl directly from Corel rather than exporting your file into some plotter driver software?
  9. Help with antique Anagraph driving a Gerber plotter

    Don't laugh about my post. I need to drive a sprocket plotter, I have a client who regularly orders thousands of very small identical shapes (.50" to 1.50") I have Gerber 750 and 15 sprocket plotters and need to fire them up. Back in the day, before Anagraph made plotters we would use a PCX box...
  10. Clear acrylic to clear acrylic bonding?

    We have used resin bond for years. Good results, strong bonding. Sand the pieces to be bonded so they are smooth, the glue is water thinking Yoy apply it with a hypodermic style applicator, it just flows into the joint.
  11. Getting a better quality image from a low quality image

    Here's a good one. A woman comes in with a black & white photo and asks for a poster in color. When I say colorizing is possible but quite expensive, she says "just copy it with color film".... now why didn't I think of that?
  12. shop floors, what's your's like, what works

    It was the first time any of us did it. Just followed the directions on the muriatic acid container and rinsed it off, then dry for 2 days and paint. Paint stuck, as the saying goes, like sh-t to a blanket. :tongue:
  13. shop floors, what's your's like, what works

    When we poured the floor at our shop we had recently done signs for a pool paint company. They manufactured a two part paint that is really tough. We acid etched the concrete once it cured and applied two coats of pool paint. That was in 1984, the floor stood up till about 2000. Since we've...
  14. Employee side business

    We are a small shop. I feel one of the perks I can offer my employees is to be OK with them doing side work. None of them have ever stolen a client that I know of, even if they left and started working on their own or elsewhere. Funny thing is one guy, after his first side job said, " what a...
  15. Need Help Mimaki CJV150-160

    Thanks for the info