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Recent content by John Miller

  1. A Very Organized Sign Shop

    My shop is cleaner & more organized than that:omg2: NOT. Some great ideas.
  2. Commission pay

    You will find it best to keep your referral thank you payments gift cards and restaurant cards, Take the $$$ out of it. Better to not hire him as a salesperson
  3. CNC

    Howie, what are your plans for the machine? What is your budget. We bought a Laguna CNC about 10 years ago. I feel it was a good investment because it gave us capabilities we didn’t have in house. Do you outsource CNC cutting currently? What do you spend on those services? Lots more questions...
  4. Bulletin Oil Paints in Gallons

    email me, I have a trove of unopened bulletin and one shot. I bought out a paint store in my area that sold it.
  5. Printable vinyl wholesale cheap directly from China - is it real?

    You add in sales tax to your list of costs for your vinyl. You should have a sales & use tax number and pay no tax for all your supplies. You charge sales tax to your clients invoice and THEY pay the tax.
  6. Getting paid from customer using bank ACH method

    We use ACH occasionally. It’s more convenient for the client and gets you the money faster. No Boogie Man here.
  7. Need Help Router Bits & ACM

    Have you tried putting application tape over the vinyl?
  8. How do you guys keep track of orders/jobs currently in your shop?

    Probably too simple fore some but we have work orders that have spaces for all info needed for the job, quoted price, deposit received, size. Each year is a different color, never white, so when looking for a work order the colored sheets of paper stand out. I also have an excel spread sheet...
  9. when is it time to replace your sign?

    Had to share this with the board. Anybody else have a sad sign picture to share?
  10. Hand Carved / Hand Painted Artwork / Gold Leaf

    Richard, That sign is sweet, well composed & nicely done. The fine red horizontal lines are a nice touch.:clapping:
  11. Sales tax question

    In CT a person must resell the materials he does not pay tax on, then when he resells the item, HE charges tax, that's how the state gets their money. Don't let him get away with no tax. In CT the state will make you pay, it's your problem getting reimbursed by the loser who's trying to save the...
  12. 2022's new overused business word.

    How about "due to unusually heavy call volume, blah, blah, blah" after I hear that message 10 or 12 times at the same number, it seems to me the heavy call volume IS normal and it's time to hire more people to answer the G-D phone.
  13. Unrealistic requests/deadlines

    We've done a few installs of 3rd party supplied graphics. If anything goes wrong it becomes a pissing contest. Whose fault is the problem. Stay away if you can.
  14. What Software Do You Use for Cut Only?

    OK, call me a dinosaur, I've used Anagraph since 1984. It still does all I need for straight vinyl cutting.
  15. Need help replacing neon sign transformer

    If the original tyranny says 4.5kv your new 3kv will not have adequate power. There are self adjusting tyrannies that will set themselves at the proper output. Buy a 1-5kv and your issues are solved.