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Most of our 46,000+ registered members & 100s of daily visitors are from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia with a growing percentage of others from around the world. The nature of Signs101 makes it of high interest to both those already part of the industry and to those considering the field of signmaking.

Signs101.com is an online meeting place for professional signcrafters, designers, and various other graphics industry professionals, manufacturers, suppliers and individuals interested in the industry. It features classified forums for discussion and debate of topics of interest to members, a searchable photo gallery, tutorials and more.

Founded - April, 2003
Ownership and Management - Eon Media,llc.

Traffic Summary
  • Average number of unique visitors per day: 3,500+
  • Average number of new registered members per month: 500+
  • Average page views per day: 20,000+
  • Average page views per month: 350,000+
  • Search engine presence: Excellent and growing
  • Signs 101 is currently the highest traffic sign industry website on the internet


Most visitors are from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia with a growing percentage of others from around the world. Our membership is an interesting mix of experienced veterans, newcomers and those in between. The nature of the site makes it of high interest to individuals who are either new to the field or considering entering into some aspect of signmaking or a related field.


Advertisers are not required to be members but may choose to be if such a choice appeals to you. Should you choose to register as a member, there is no cost and you then have the right to post in our forums subject to our forum rules and policies. Once registered, you are entitled to take out a paid subscription as a Merchant Member. This expands your rights and privileges and also reduces your banner advertising rates.

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Ad stats for banner advertisers are available for impressions and click-thrus. Banner ad stats are sent automatically by email every two weeks to banner advertisers.

Types of Advertising Offered

  • The Merchant Member Classified Ad Section provides a place for Merchant Members to post announcements, pictures and links. Other members may reply but only Merchant Members may post an ad in this section. This section also includes the Signs 101 Merchant Directory where Merchant subscribers can list their companies and product lines.
  • Banner advertising is offered in ten different banner sizes by the month, quarter or year. Most banner ads are sold on a timed basis and are "run of site" only, which means that various advertiser's banners change in each position provided for banners and with each page delivered. All run of site banners are non-prioritized and receive equal exposure to visitors. To review sizes, rates and other details, click here.

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If you have products or services of interest to sign and graphics business owners, advertising at Signs 101 is not only an effective way to reach a wide and attractive market ... it is also a great comparative bargain. This, in turn, should provide you with one of the best return on investment rates available anywhere. And it is a unique multifaceted way to not just deliver your message but to also interact with prospective buyers and/or drive traffic to your own website(s).

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