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    font help

    thank you very much
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    font help

    does anybody know the names of these two fonts, I went thru the ones in my system and I don't have any close to them any help is greatly appreciated TIA
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    Need Help help to identify font please

    storybook for the top two lines
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    Need Help Flexi Arcing Text with Straight Top

    its under effects, distort click on the design central dialog box, click to expand all available options, by default is set to flat bottom arched top but if you click on the rotate boxes at the bottom it will change it to flat top arched bottom
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    if you are printing from versaworks there is an option that lets you control the suction power on the printer. instead of having the printer control the vacuum power, set it up in versaworks
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    contaminated nozzle check

    I have an epson s30670 and yesterday after doing a light cleaning on the machine noticed that all my colors are contaminated, I did several cleanings after that and still getting the same result, wondering if anybody else had this problem before and how did you fix it, TIA
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    Anyone seeing loads of material shortages yet?

    my only issues are with UPS not delivering, my orders are shipped from the suppliers on time, its UPS taking too long to deliver
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    Epson s80600 quality issue?

    it only happens to me when I have the wrong profile media selected.
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    Laser level

    they do save you time for instance when you have to do 8 of 10 windows, just turn the laser on it will give a straight line across all windows all you have to is align your graphics instead of measuring every window. when you are doing vehicle wraps and have you lines of text in on panel and...
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    windows 7 missing fonts

    A couple of days ago I had to reboot my pc, running windows 7 and yesterday I noticed that some fonts were missing ie. Arial Narrow, Britanic and a couple more that I can't remember right now, I was wondering if anybody is experiencing the same issue.
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    Router, laser, or waterjet?

    i don't know much about brands or whats out there, but I have seem and ordered from different vendors aluminum parts and when it come to cutting aluminum waterjet will leave a much cleaner finish that a cnc router or laser
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    font help please

    thank you, very much
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    font help please

    does anybody knows what is the name of this font, any help is greatly appreciated
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    Need Help font help

    thanks a lot
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    Need Help font help

    does anybody knows what is the name of this font, the closest I could find was rockwell, but is not the same
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    How should this be handled?

    its kind of tricky, does the company who sells you a set of channel letters be mad at your company for posting pictures of something that they fabricated, or gemini would get upset if you post a picture of aluminum letters that you bought from them? after all your company had nothing to do with...
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    Suggestions What is the best paper to use as a template?

    we use the clear liner from 3m overlaminate rolls
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    Four day work weeks?

    we are 9-6 M-TH and 9-1 Friday
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    ink for s30670

    i am looking for a vendor that has inks for an epson sure color s30670 I called every vendor that I know of and nobody seems to have it in stop, grimco, midwest, advantage sign supply, ordway, fellers nobody seems to have these inks, any help is greatly appreciated
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    VOIP Phone System

    I've had vonage for about 8 years now, ever since I found out that if we move our shop some where else, we could not take our number with us. so we have vonage take the number away from the phone company and now no matter where I go my phone is always the same. and the service is cheap, phone...