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  1. Corel 12 to Win Plot problems

    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
  2. Corel 12 to Win Plot problems

    I created two words with a contour effect "OFFERING IT" with the font style Staccato222 BT I convert it to Curves then bring it into my Summa Win Plot program to get it ready for my plotter. The "IT" word is not present just the countour line. Everythiing works well with other fonts. Is it that...
  3. Converting to curves, not working

    Taking your advice "was the font used before" (yes) I redid it with new fonts and it worked. Screwy huh? Thanks for your help cdsgraphics!!!!
  4. Converting to curves, not working

    Bringing it in as eps, I've done it a million times before with no problems.. I checked my letters in Corel first in wireframe and everything is good. Drawing is simple.
  5. Converting to curves, not working

    I have a simple design in CorelDraw 12. When I convert it to curves and bring into my cutting program Summa Winplot it's missing a few letters. Whats up with that?
  6. Rounding corners

    yep that works........thanks
  7. Rounding corners

    Just bought Corel 12, no more Corel 9, yeahhhhhh. When making a square/rectangle how do I round the corners. Thanks!
  8. Webbum

    Comment by 'Webbum' in media 'exterior digital'

    very cool........
  9. What kind of shop do you have?

    A corner in my basement. It's crammed, but it's working for me at the moment. Only small jobs so far.
  10. Webbum

    Comment by 'Webbum' in media 'Piranha'

    Awesome job...
  11. Doctor's office font

    Thanks.........I'll try those suggestions.
  12. Doctor's office font

    Any suggestions for a font for an Upscale Doctor's office?
  13. Buying fonts

    Have you found a cheap place to buy them? I have 1000 fonts, but my customers always have their own preferences. Have to buy, "libra" font next, but I dont want to pay and arm and a leg for it.
  14. Webbum

    Comment by 'Webbum' in media 'van all paint'

    Awesome job. Something to aspire to.
  15. eclipse

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention my 2 year warranty. I considered a cheaper cutter but this was the best deal!
  16. eclipse

    I just bought a 24", so far I like it. It's fast!
  17. ....hey

    Hey from Ontario...............:Canada: Just purchased a 24" Summa cutter and opened up a small 'vinyl sign shop' in my basement. Last week I was busy doing doing banners and vinyl on coroplast. I might have a vehicle to do. This week so far no business...... I don't know what the hell I'm...