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  1. HP Latex 800 upgrade to Canon Colorado 1650

    How about the ink cost differential?
  2. Need Coating recommendations on UV Prints.

    Try using an adhesive promoter on your substrate before printing.
  3. What am I worth?

    Ask your present employer…
  4. Tactile and braille sign

    Try Cadlink.com cadlink.com
  5. Latex ink for sale

    Brand new never opened. To purchase individually, $250 each, LT CYAN (4), LT MAGENTA (4). Bob Hessinger, Megagrafix, 800 738-6342 x239
  6. A good wall mural vinyl.

    I have seldom seen the cost of the substrate have much impact on the selling price. It is all relative to the right material and charging a profitable price.
  7. PA HP Latex Ink For Sale

    I have 23, 3-liter boxes of HP Latex ink and three 3-liter boxes of Optimizer for sale. I am asking 330/3 liter box and will ship FOB to a single destination. This latex ink is only 3-4 months old. I have replaced my HP printers. Bob 800 738-6342 x239
  8. PA 2 HP Latex printers for sale.

    I have 570 and 370 Printers for sale. Replaced with new printers. Both can be seen operating and test prints can be made for review. They are operating presently. I also have a special reduced rate for HP Latex Ink in 3 Liter containers.
  9. Vendor for inexpensive (coro?) POP displays?

    MegaGrafix.com. Cindy 800 738-6342 x224
  10. Financing needed for bucket truck

    CIT Direct Capital.
  11. Looking to Upgrade my Flatbed Printer

    You should also look at Agfa.
  12. Contour cut window perf?

    If it is what your customer wants then give it to them and charge accordingly.
  13. Interesting dilemma

    Here’s my opinion, you stated at the beginning that you do work with this customer frequently. So it really doesn’t matter who is right or who was wrong. Chalk it up to experience, plan you’re correct of measures for the future and re-print the job and send it out to your customer.You can’t win...
  14. Drilling Into Acrylic

    Consider using edge grip standoffs. No drilling.
  15. PA For sale

    HP XL 600 printer for parts, not running. If you own one of these you then are most likely aware that parts and ink will no longer be available after August of 2020. Pictures and serial plate photos available upon request: bob@ megagrafix.com.
  16. Any Colorado 1650 Owners.

    Mthx everyone as we are considering replacing our HP 570 and 370s with this because of theirs all in program, A sq’ charge for everything except the substrate.
  17. CNC Router Conveyor Option Pros and Cons

    Don’t spend the money on the belt. We have that machine in our operator finds it faster to advance substrates manually. We are considering purchasing our second one but this one will not be with the conveyor belt.
  18. M

    Just finished 50th year in my business. Re-inventing ourselves now by moving to larger space...

    Just finished 50th year in my business. Re-inventing ourselves now by moving to larger space, adding more capabilities and growing!
  19. Sewing machine for banners and textiles

    That’s interesting, one of you like the heat weld and the other likes the Juki. I have Julia I guess I’ll have to get the Hemtek! Maybe you two should do an online debate…