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  1. Need help finding this font

    I need help finding this font. Anyone know where to find it? Thanks.
  2. Help with text in Illustrator CS

    Looks like that did it. Thanks for the help, I feel like an idiot now. :rolleyes:
  3. Help with text in Illustrator CS

    I am having trouble trying to figure out why I can't get my Graphtec 3000-60 to cut text that has been warped through Illustrator CS. The text is arched on the layout and outlines have been created, but when I go to cut it just cuts it completely straight. Anyone that can help me figure this...
  4. Newbie Here

    Thanks everyone. I am running Mac OSX Tiger and a Graphtec CE3000-60 Mk2 24" cutter. I'm cutting from Illustrator CS and it seems to be working great. Glad to be on the forum and I can tell I'm going to learn alot. Thanks again.
  5. Newbie Here

    I would just like to start out and say that this site is awesome! I'm new to the vinyl sign business. I currently have a few clients lined up for some work and I need some help on a few things. I've searched and couldn't really find what I was looking for. I'm trying to come up with a pricing...