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  1. Summa F1612 Air Compressor

    I have a California Air for my flatbed. way quitter than a regular compressor https://www.globalindustrial.com/p/ultra-quiet-oil-free-air-compressor-8-gallon-horizontal More than enough for my Colex, Cycles on every 20 min or so when using the flatbed I have a second one for the flatbed...
  2. Maintaining shop temps

    why 72? I like around 65 in the winter and it gets 50s at night. 80 is the best my AC will do when its 105 outside in the summer. Humidity seems to be more have more effect on things than temp.
  3. Trying to figure out what type of media these decals are made with. Any Ideas?

    My guess is just a high tack removable cast vinyl
  4. Canon Colorado 1650 FEEDBACK

    ask canon to print you a roll and try wrapping with it, sales guy should be able to arrange that I don't wrap but do lots of smaller decals for cars, no issues with that printed on the Colorado as far as banners I recently printed a 5ft x 50ft banner in under 50 minutes
  5. Need Help Reading Onyx Barcode on Colex Sharpcut

    Any barcode reader will work, I got a wireless one from Amazon. The qr code support is a software upgrade you would have to purchase from colex but not need imo for wallpaper, barcode reader is super easy
  6. Business Names

    Those ads are targeted at you and they know exactly what you want
  7. Kongsberg X24, HP R2000, HP 800W

    I have a general flatbed question, my belt is getting torn up a bit at the seam and wondering if there are any tips to prolong the life of that area. I put duct tape there for now I was thinking maybe glue in a patch?
  8. Is that gibberish a bot attack?

    I havent posted much lately
  9. I am so SICK of this problem!!! (lettering not sticking to painted walls)

    Don't use 631, high failure rate. Switched to permanent adhesive vinyl and 0 complaints, 631 was causing lots of complaints. Plus with the recent price increases on 631 its cheaper to print on common permanent vinyl
  10. Peel and Stick Decal Material

    why can't the customer install with transfer tape if you already have a good combo for that?
  11. Rips resampling images?

    Can your printer print at "601.183 ppi"? I'm guessing whatever ppi the image is has to be converted to whatever dpi the printer is capable of based on the profile/printer limitations
  12. Livestream Shop Tour Today

    Oh yea I've seen some of that guys videos
  13. Employee side business

    had a tv show " CNC titans" so there is some of the show element to the narration. Now offers free CNC school/resources so probably is a lecture lol
  14. Employee side business

    Really good video about what can happen Employee Secretly STEALS Our Best Customer While I Pay and Train Him to be VP of Our Machine Shop Cool Plot twist at the end when the customer comes back after quality went downhill
  15. Gorgeous lettering - is it a font?

    What font is that?
  16. Question Why no clear or varnish for Mutoh MP31 inks?

    must be the "Bio-based Multi-Purpose ink", get something with good 'ol chemical ink for durability
  17. Need installers Houston, TX

    That's the same zip code my shop is in! I'm on Jones Road 5 min from you. But I don't do installs :(
  18. New Desktop Build Help

    Sata interface has max bandwidth of 600mb/s while PCIE NVME has bandwidth of 7000mb/s (max speed of the interface, not the drive) M.2 is not the bandwidth/speed but rather the form of the SSD and m.2 formfactor drives can be sata or pcie nvme interface. 2.5" Sata SSD = good M.2 Sata = good...
  19. New Desktop Build Help

    Looks good, only thing I can think of if you want a little more future proof (but will cost more now) is to go with AM5 platform (gives you room to upgrade CPU in a few years) but the DDR5 128gig will be about as much as you are looking to spend total. The video card is good for the price if...