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  1. What software to start whit?

    Well I jumped head first into flexi and am so glad I did. If you can afford it start with something great like flexi. or what ever may float your boat. I have available a version of flexi starter, with dongle fully legit. I bought it used it once, and immediately purchased a full copy of Flexi...
  2. Anyone recognize this font?

    Fred if you know it request half of the prize.... Well depending on what it is.
  3. Race Car Fonts ??

    in the last 20 years I have race just about everything, including a kitchen sink... Long story
  4. Race Car Fonts ??

    Thats why I dont drive cars with doors. Makes things difficult. LOL Cut the fenders and doors off, put a wing on top.......Then ya got something.
  5. Race Car Fonts ??

    Ogriv, Fear not they are not that bad to do. I started doing racecars when I got my first machine which was a roland stx-8. Yes thats right a hobby machine and I did all out racecars. It was interesting to say the least. My airbrush was my best friend. I could give the plain vinyl a *pop*. Just...
  6. stacey needs help

    What problem are you having Stacey?
  7. A suggestion for anyone getting a new computer . . .

    do they offer any kind of warranty? Garuntee?
  8. A suggestion for anyone getting a new computer . . .

    I have always used tigerdirect.com Never had any problems. I would have to agree I would be careful when buying from ebay.
  9. What's Your Training?

    My first machine was a Stika STX-8. I bought it to do my motocross bikes and mini sprint. When friends found out I got swamped, and the rest they say is history. Still hoping to get to the point of working for myself, but I fear there is a lot more for me to learn. Would love to get a job...
  10. Wacom Cintiq 21UX - has anyone ever used one of these?

    lol them boys have alot of things that most of us don't. But...... with what they have comes alot of headache too. Imagine not being able to go get groceries with being hassled.
  11. Printer question

    Thanx Hey Checkers, Thank you and everyone else for your help. I picked it up for $300 with a bunch of paper for it. I have to however get ink. any reccomendations for an inexpensive ink for me to start with. I cant see spending crazy money to just throw away with learning curve. Also the guy...
  12. Printer question

    He answers all my questions and has been great to deal with.
  13. Printer question

    ok so heres the deal some extra inks, some banner material, and some vinyl to start with. It is mising a black and magenta cartridge. Which I imagine cant be to expensive. Can anyone balpark me on what it is worth. I figure the guy is legit but even then he could be asking much for an older...
  14. Printer question

    I am using flexi pro that has built n rip right?
  15. Printer question

    nt 100% sure I am in the process of waiting a response on condition and all the details. what kind of resolution is this thing I realize it is a few yrs old but I also dont want to waste money. Can I still be profitable with it?
  16. Printer question

    I have been doing vinyl for awhile now. I keep seeing however the general direction is heading toward the shops with print capabilities. I can not blame the customer. Especially as how some of the stuff is really nice. I have a chance to pick up an Encad CHroma 24". Can anyone give me the ins...
  17. FlexiSign 7.6 and Eye candy 5 Impact

    Do you have to have Photochop to use the plugins in flexipro 7.6?
  18. New here

    Generic invoice in Excell Here is the file of a generic that I had been using. The pricing is by the square inch. You'll have to change the formulas accordingly. It is a word file with a excel spreadsheet in it. Please feel free to use this as I am very greatfull for the help you all provide me...
  19. Master XY-300P - not cutting?

    no problems here with my XY300p I will be curious to know what you find. Please keep us posted.
  20. New here

    when I get home tonight I will post a creen shot. I did mine very basic as I am learning excel, but it works very well.