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    Font Help I can't figure it out

    I have 1100 fonts loaded and don't see this one. Appreciate any help. It looks to me like the font has been squeezed a little but I could be wrong. THANKS, RON
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    Another font I cant ID

    With font-hit and identifont I can usually get them but cant find this one.
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    Need a font ID

    I REALLY appreciate it!!!! :U Rock::U Rock::U Rock:
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    Need a font ID

    I cant find a match to this one. I have over 1200 fonts installed on my computer and went to DaFont and still no luck. Any body have an idea?
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    Font ID Please

    I have been to identifont and dafont and used Fonthit on my computer and can't get this one. I appreciate your help.
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    Where can I get and Alignment tool for a CX-500

    I have recently picked up a Roland CX-500 and don't have the alignment tool for it does any body know where I can get one?
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    Crop mark or Lamination?

    Take a felt squeegee and rub hard over the laminate that is on top of the crop marks to take some of the gloss out of it, Works every time for me!
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    Is there an add-on for the CX-500 to read registration marks

    Been there! The link that you sent if for the GX and not the CX there is a difference in the features. Since the GX does have it I am wondering if there is an update or way to upgrade the CX version. I have emailed through Rolands customer support twice for an answer to that question and they...
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    Is there an add-on for the CX-500 to read registration marks

    I did a large monument sign for a body shop and as part of the payment they gave me a Roland CX-500 they had set it up but never figured out how to use it so I ended up with it. I can use a 48" cutter to go along with my Mutoh Falcon Outdoor but I need one that will contour cut and I don't see...
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    Shineright anyone?

    Shinerite I use it a lot and love it. Did this Monte Carlo with it
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    crop marks blow

    I was having that problem, I would watch it go right over the mark, turned out it was the set up on my Mutoh. It was printing short after I did the adjustments so it prints the right width and length I haven't had a problem. Check your print to see it is the same size as your layout if it isn't...
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    Upgrading from 8.1 to 8.5

    I do all of my set up in production manager and in preferences tell it to always use the production manager settings but if I make a change in the settings rip manager doesn't always register the change. I am also having problems with the position, it will use the size of the print as the...
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    New Flexi Update (Service Pack) for 8.1v1!!!!!

    You can continue using Flexi 8.5 with a hard key you just have to go back to your supplier and pay an additional $150.00 to get a new dongle since they gave you a new key # with the 8.5 upgrade. They plan on getting you coming and going.
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    Poll Size

    Early versions of Flexi 7.6 didn't poll right with the fixes it does. What version and build are you running?
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    Myths, Magic Bullets and Easy Buttons

    Don't knock the magic bullet until you've tried one, and you get 2 for the price of one
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    New Flexi Update (Service Pack) for 8.1v1!!!!!

    Is the problem pirated software or is it that they are losing market share because there are better companies making better products. Isn't that what happened to the automobile industry, there are all kinds of excuses but if you make a good product and sell it at a fair price and back it up...
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    New Flexi Update (Service Pack) for 8.1v1!!!!!

    The only thing that the 8.5 did for those without Vista was to put us on a soft dongle instead of hard so now every time you open Flexi is goes on line and checks in with SAi and then once a month it re verifies that your software is legal. They want me to pay an extra $150.00 to get a hard key...
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    alien skin

    I learned it from this link and use it for a number of different things.
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    Identifont shows a lot of similar fonts
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    FC5100 comparison to CE 5000

    I currently have a FC5100-75 and I love it, but I am using a 46" Mutoh printer therefore I am wanting to change my cutter to at least match my Mutoh printer. I am wondering how the CE5000-120 48" cutter is going to compare to my FC5100. Will I be as happy with it?