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  1. robpruitt

    super deal on HD

    oooo sexy. That's really pretty good and apparently none of the cursed mail in rebates. Who hoo.
  2. robpruitt

    New Free Font from LHF!!

    Cool fonts and even cooler website. Thanks for the link.
  3. robpruitt

    Wall Easel anyone?

    I just picked up a couple of these They are fairly tall and at $199 they are really cheap for how well they are made. However; I had never seen the eisel setup. I really like your arrangement Mystysue. My back gets...
  4. robpruitt

    I Got A Get Well Present Today......

    Since we are sharing...
  5. robpruitt

    Trouble in paradise

    Do they really have colored duct tape? I don't know why; but that sounds strangly appealing to me. Maybe a flesh tone one that my wife can use to keep my mouth shut :)
  6. robpruitt

    Font ID please

    Hey Henry; Check out this website: You upload an image of the font you want to identify and it finds it for you. I've tried to mess it up with some difficult fonts and it even finds those. It will save you a lot of time and frustration. I use it almost...
  7. robpruitt

    Trouble in paradise

    There seems to be quite a bit of drama attached to this and stuff but I'm going to go under the premise that you really need help tracing. I just downloaded the trial of Corel Draw X3 and it is really awesome. The auto trace tool is much better than I have been using in Macromedia Freehand...
  8. robpruitt

    new machine is driving me crazy

    Can you please clarify what you mean by this? Are you saying that my posts were interrupting you? LOL; I just can't seem to make friends here. Don't worry, i'll keep quiet.
  9. robpruitt

    New in the Sign business

    Hey Dave; That sounds great. I'll pick it up. Thanks for the info!
  10. robpruitt

    New in the Sign business

    Oh man. Your right. I'll get that fixed :)
  11. robpruitt

    new machine is driving me crazy

    You know; within minutes of making my last post I put a pretty heavy roll of vinyl in my machine and started getting the "load media" error. I knew I should have knocked on wood. I'm glad to know that this is a problem that they are working on because the machine has worked great. For the...
  12. robpruitt

    Im in trouble please help me!

    This forum rocks with the great tech support. Great stuff.
  13. robpruitt

    Graphtec 7000-75 ???

    I would have to agree with Neil that the problem is very likely the firmware but it's also possible the unit could be defective. If following Neils advice for the firmware update I would get a replacement unit. I received a bad Master cutter (go figure) and messed with it for nearly a week...
  14. robpruitt

    Graphtec software?

    I use VE Lxi Master + to actually do my cutting. However; when I seem to get the best results by importing Adobe Illustrator format into it; even when I use Corel or Macromedia Freehand MX. I don't have X3 yet though, just 12.
  15. robpruitt

    new machine is driving me crazy

    I have a Vinyl Express Q75 which is the exact same thing but black. The Vinyl Express are Graphtecs but are made for Sign Warehouse exclusively... anyway. I had the same problems you are having and found that I had the media lock on. It prevents the bars in the back from spinning (for easy...
  16. robpruitt

    New from florida!

    Welcome from Texas!
  17. robpruitt

    Can I become a sign writer I got photoshop & the mentality

    Yea, I hear ya. I just agreed to do a website for $1000 and man i'm regretting it. I could do $10,000 worth of signs in half the time it takes to do one website but until I can get that much lined up I have to take what comes. I showed him this sample and re-designed his logo; did exactly what...
  18. robpruitt

    New in the Sign business

    No, you asked me if you couldn't draw how I expect to do well in the sign business. But.. I do know how to draw. I did rip on your cutter; that's true. However; now If I could go back and do the mature thing i'd turn back the clock and rip on your website instead :) PS: Anyone that reads...
  19. robpruitt

    New in the Sign business

    Very cool. A lot of us from the Fort Worth area. A ton of business out here so we should all get fat and happy. I had the ...pleasure of meeting Cadmn in the other forums.
  20. robpruitt

    New in the Sign business

    Oh, thank you so much. I designed the Diva logo and sign but I charged too little for the sign though. I told them I would do the signicade for $150 like the 2nd day I was in the business (before I knew how much work they were). Being a newbie I have just charged them for the vinyl and none...