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  1. klingsdesigns

    color management

    I am not, i use onyx and the preloaded profiles for my epson s80600. I just want to have the correct color management so it exports the pdf to be closest as possible.
  2. klingsdesigns

    color management

    What does everyone have there color management set to, so it prints closely to the correct pantone colors.
  3. klingsdesigns

    Epson s80600 and tshirt material

    I’d take the file as well.
  4. klingsdesigns

    Need Help Onyx and Epson SC s80600

    Print a color chart of your swatches in your design program and then you know exactly what each color will print like.
  5. klingsdesigns

    Signlab 9.1 and 10 colors change on pdf

    I noticed after upgrading from 9.1 to 10 and was printing a customers file the colors changed. Signlab 9.1 and then 10 will export it and colors change. Not sure what i need to change to fix. Looks like all the settings are same for pdf and color management between both signlabs.
  6. klingsdesigns

    Wtb Epson s80600

    I see the seller only has one feedback.
  7. klingsdesigns

    Wtb Epson s80600

    If your not going to do white or metallic id go with with the 60600. I they I have contact with a sign shop that has a new one for sale still in box.
  8. klingsdesigns

    SP-540V issues with cut feed adjustment

    On my vp I would calibrate it first in service mode. Then fine tune it again in user mode. Not sure if you can do that or not. Seemed to work better.
  9. klingsdesigns

    Need Help Ice damage on new graphics - how to stop from happening again

    Does the roads these trucks travel use liquid salt at all? Have been seeing issue in the last couple years with liquid salt and vinyl failures. I did have a roll few months ago of 1105 that I couldnt get painters tape to stick to normally like other rolls of 1105 when I tape to take up tube...
  10. klingsdesigns

    Single Arrow turns into a double Arrow

    I saved a file today and this happened when I re opened. The file has arrow on each side of rectangle.
  11. klingsdesigns

    Anyone had heads replaced on a S80600?

    Ours has equipment failure on policy as well.
  12. klingsdesigns

    Need Help Need Service Manual Epson s80600

    They have to hook it up to a computer and adjust head after install. Just got mine replaced yesterday.
  13. klingsdesigns

    Anyone had heads replaced on a S80600?

    I might get a year of extended warranty $2250. Might be worth it. Not sure my insurance will keep paying to fix it in the future.
  14. klingsdesigns

    Anyone had heads replaced on a S80600?

    Just wanted to say thanks about posting the insurance thing. I contacted my insurance and they replaced my head today. Saved me some money so thanks.
  15. klingsdesigns

    Epson S80600 "Resetting Printer"

    I have one banner profile cant remember which on and on the 6 pass only I believe it will cancel mid print. Its only that one profile happens so randomly.
  16. klingsdesigns

    Chromatic Banding

    Anyone else have this issue we have banding on some solid colors.
  17. klingsdesigns

    Epson 80600 Missing LC/LM

    I had this same thing happen on my head 1 the last month. Got head replaced with captop assembly and also damper assembly today. Still have banding though :(
  18. klingsdesigns

    Light magenta nozzles missing

    One thing weird is my light cyan is perfect and my light magenta is not. They are on the same head and captop. Which probably rules out that is not bad captop. Any other ideas? Put new ink cartridge in as well. Not sure if these printers can get air in the lines or not?
  19. klingsdesigns

    Light magenta nozzles missing

    Looks like each head has its own assembly. I will try a new one and see if it helps.
  20. klingsdesigns

    Light magenta nozzles missing

    Where do I purchase those and is the whole assembly one piece? Or can you get them singly.