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  1. kgirl

    Question servicing standard channel letter

    The LED power supplies because they're electronic....electronics and heat don't go well. Magnetic power supplies last much much longer but who wants to pay $300 for a 12v 60w power supply? With any thing made in China expect 3 - 5 years.....on the LEDs, most fail. Not catastrophically where...
  2. kgirl

    Looking for UL outdoor retro bulbs

    The USHIO s14 LED lamps we stock are the only ones that have an actual wet location UL cert that I know of. A lot of manufacturers & distributors will market and claim "wet location".....but UL inspectors want to see the actual cert...
  3. kgirl

    Need Help Need 4 fluorescent bulbs

    You won't be doing yourself, or your customers any favors going with LED'll have more problems than trying to find four HO lamps.... ;)
  4. kgirl

    Need Help Color Mismatch on lighted sign, any fix other than remake?

    Sounds like printing faces is a big pain the *** when it comes to one uses translucent vinyl anymore?...
  5. kgirl

    Building perimeter lighting

    You should do this in use that cheap flex LED posted up above that is notorious for failure and your customer will hunt you down after 6 months and you'll have a bigger mess on your hands....
  6. kgirl

    Need Help Color Mismatch on lighted sign, any fix other than remake?

    The lamps are important too....since it's blue it should be cool white and not far as fluorescent go...
  7. kgirl

    LED driver question

    yup....not many are actually UL48 SAM Class II......we stock 60 watt and two channel 120w power supply....and NOT made in CHINA.... LED Power Supplies - The Sign Syndicate
  8. kgirl

    need help attaching jewelite to weird shaped sign!

    They should have sent you #4 not #3......follow through with #16....lastly, better to use Plasco Trim Cap instead of Jewelite...:p
  9. kgirl

    Happy Friday

    Haha.... you have no idea Johnny...somersaults and all.... :)
  10. kgirl

    Happy Friday

    Mine would be returning to my gymnastic days :D:D:D.....
  11. kgirl

    Happy Friday

    :D:D who out there knows what I'm talking about :D:D Ain't this the truth... damn tequila gets us every time....
  12. kgirl


    I think what happened noticed a defect in your work and you had to bring it back to your shop to fix and correct...
  13. kgirl

    Making Small Channel Letter Face Fabrication Easy

    ....With PLASCO trim cap because it's easier to work with than the others and it comes in 165' rolls instead of the 150' rolls. 3/4" ($46.75) & 1" ($54.75) + Shipping Colors are below * Black * White * Gold * Silver (Brushed Silver Appearance) * Bronze * Duranotic Bronze * Orange * Red ( 3M...
  14. kgirl

    Looking for a good argument for local municipality to allow Push Through Acrylic sign

    Do you live in one of those "dark sky's" areas?.....
  15. kgirl

    Jewelite Seam

    You put the Plasco Channel Letter Trim Cap seam at the top of a letter....and at the bottom for the inside of an "O"......
  16. kgirl

    LED Strip Problem

    I've never yet to see a LED strip roll I would ever use. It's just cheap stuff and their not most of the time ever regulated and they need to have be mounted to metal to stay cool. Very few manufacturers use quality high tier chips / components on reel products. Reel stuff is more for...
  17. Kgirl Bowling

    Kgirl Bowling

  18. kgirl

    Merry Christmas

    Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a bright New Year...
  19. kgirl

    New Owner of

    Congrats to you both Paul & Fred!.....:wink: