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    font help

    thank you thank you
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    font help

    i have seen this one before just cant remember it. any help is appreciated.
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    Texans may not want to print today....

    we are currently at -20 without the windchill. They are doing the black outs here too. My big question is.... when you kill the power for an hour to save energy, then turn it back on, those same people have to use 3 times more energy to try and warm everything back up. I also bet that power and...
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    Cement Truck Vinyl Type and Pricing

    What someone else charges wil not pay your bills, only theirs. What is your overhead? What do you have to get at a minimum to turn a profit? What are your material costs? Remember people get it for different rates. We do a lot of mixers and like already said the acid they use will attack...
  5. wildside

    Window Perf Lines

    looks like heat streaks to me. We have good luck with perf at 10 pass with 110 ink. I think the heat setting is about 219 on clear focus material. If you are running that many passes with that heavy of saturation, it may be moving so slow it creates those heat streaks.
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    Need Help Cannot read OPOS marks on glitter vinyl.

    I have also had luck by turning the lights off. Sounds weird but the reflection from the light in the glitter causes unpredictable results. Shutting the lights off is not fool proof, but 8 out of 10 works.
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    looking for cartoon artist

    John deaton might be able to help you
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    Michigan: Ready to pull the plug on rest of school year

    Kansas school facilities closed about the 2nd week of march. Doing at home online schooling started this week, which is a major chore when both parents are working and trying to find time to do this. The teachers set up live google meetings, but are in the middle of the day, when the kids cannot...
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    Curious how others would've handled this order/customer

    i think you handled it ok. The only thing i would do different is take the bad shirts back. If they are so faded and bad that they want replacement, they need to bring in the bad shirts or no replacement. The risk is that they are wearing a bad one and mention you did it and looks bad on you...
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    insurance practices

    he said it is because of the company doing wraps. My agent is independent and helps us find the best company to go through from time to time when needed, but this is the first time to get dumped, we usually do the dumping lol. He also told me this same company is dropping a towing service...
  11. wildside

    insurance practices

    Has anyone else seen anything like this before? We have been in business for 15 years, doing vehicle graphics and wraps for all of those 15 years. We have been with this particular insurance company for 2 years and all a sudden they decide they cannot insure us because we do vehicle wraps... WTF!
  12. wildside

    CM4 and Corel 2019

    Yes we have to mess with it when windows updates also, but this was a new issue. We did get it working finally. Here is what we found for anyone else that might come across this issue. We were installing the new versions and just opening them and setting up the cutter. Then nothing from the...
  13. wildside

    CM4 and Corel 2019

    So we just upgraded to Corel 2019 and now cutting master quit working. We have followed every step, we have been using corel forever and cutting master for years. CM4 is the newest version, and after install opens and can do a test cut and everything. In corel, it shows CM4 in the launch...
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    How many of you could leave your shop behind for at least a month and not have any issues?

    I know a guy that successfully ran his business as an absentee. Not in the sign industry though but still a very service based business. He had 4 full time employees plus part timers that ran the place. He would spend a month in Canada every year and trusted his employees to take care of...
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    PVC post sleeves without posts?

    You need to be below the frost line in order for it to survive a winter. Not sure what it is there, but our frost line is about 28", you should be a minimum of a foot below frost line, preferably 2ft below.
  16. wildside

    Large vinyl murals on foam core advice

    and yet here you are asking professionals?........ if the wall is poor enough shape to not hold vinyl stuck to it, what makes you think it is good enough shape for VHB to hold to it? with that said, do a banner stretching system, easier, lasts longer and can be changed out whenever you want.
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    shop truck insurance question

    We have a 99 Ford f350 bucket truck and runs about 800 a year. Which I find not to bad I guess....
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    Need Help Wall Wraps

    phototex has an opaque version that eliminates the transparency issue
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    Cutting & Weeding Controltac 180

    We have the same issue when you try to weed immediately. It is weird, but I have found if you cut it and roll it up and let it sit until the next day.... it weeds just fine all a sudden. You can't just RIP it off but it goes tremendously faster if you have the time to let it sit first.
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    Recently Stahls bought imprintables warehouse i guess. Does anyone know what happened to their materials? I have tried several different things from stahls and my employee struggles with all the materials, we cannot get the cutting depth dialed in, the weeding angle dialed in, i mean i think...