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  1. Devon19515

    Where and how many LED lights should I attach inside a box to create evenly distributed light?

    Get some wide angle lens LEDs and place them on the bottom center. May need to play with the quantity to get the brightness you are looking for. The frosted/white acrylic should distribute enough at that distance to keep from seeing hot spots but you may have shadows in the corners. EDIT: you...
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    Is there another option similar to Lords 406 Adhesive?

    Check with
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    Graphic Technology Solutions Might be able to help
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    Routing Bits for Zund
  5. Devon19515

    led light strip recommendation
  6. Devon19515

    Advertisement and exposure for fairly new biz

    Print your business card on adhesive vinyl and apply to glass doors of vacant/for rent buildings. We would only put it on the glass beside the door handle so that if needed it could be cleaned off.
  7. Devon19515

    Question Can anyone make a Lacryl color for us?

    Tubelite mixes Lacryl out of Memphis.
  8. Devon19515

    New looking for advice

    And....Welcome to Signs101.
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    9 Minutes and 17 Seconds...Telemarketer Challenge

    I keep a printed copy of the US Constitution beside my desk just for telemarketers. I start reading it and talking over them as fast as I can. So far I have made it all the way to Article 2 before being hung up on. Most only get a few sentences in before they give up.
  10. Devon19515

    i see dots on colors mix

    try changing the "dither settings". It gives a different dot pattern and should be able to blend the colors better.
  11. Devon19515

    Backlit issues

    Sometimes we print the reverse image on clear and apply subsurface to the panel to richen up the colors for internal illuminated signs.
  12. Devon19515

    How to mount Aluminum to PVC?

    I have wondered how to get them to lay flat with each other during the cure time. Would you need to add another large sheet with weights?
  13. Devon19515

    Anyone going to ISA in Orlando in April?

    Im going! "cough,cough"
  14. Devon19515

    LDF spoil board

    We use Rugby woodproducts in Atlanta. Not sure if they have a branch in NY but we used to get our local Cabinet guy to order a sheet when he had a delivery coming and would p/u from his shop.
  15. Devon19515

    Adobe filters for Flexi 10.5

    In Flexi, Go to Edit,Preferences, file-paths tab, adobe plug-ins. browse to the Adobe plugin folder. We have also copied all of the plug-ins to the SAI folder for convenience.
  16. Devon19515

    Digital display

    United Visual has these.
  17. Devon19515

    Need software

    Try VCarve Pro. I believe they have a free or very cheap version.
  18. Devon19515

    Channel letter wiring

    The masking tape on the lamp sockets keeps the bulb from bouncing loose in transport.
  19. Devon19515

    Aluminum extrusion supplier

    Does anybody have comparable suppliers for aluminum sign extrusions like the ones signcomp has? Just trying to find a larger selection.