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    Discussion Copyright Issues

    based on our experience, we dont touch copyright stuff with a 10' pole. about 10 years ago did a small job for free for best friend. basically, put an NFL team logo several places on his tailgate van. while at a game tailgating, some guy came up, chit chatted with him, said he liked the...
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    Union Sign Shops? Strikes? Whats the difference?

    we're in illinois. i know alot of screen printers who do political signs are supposed to be union and have the "union bug" on the signs. not sure how it works though in our "corrupt" state though. seems you can somehow do them in house and "pay" a union in ohio to use their union mark on the...
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    Need Help with a PDF

    can import it into photoshop
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    Industrial carpet floor mats

    we have printed on ultraflexx carpet with our hp950 uv printer. never really found a market for it locally. had the rugs carpet bound by a local carpet guy. like others said, found they had about 6 month life in moderate traffic areas... biggest issue is the carpet fibers going everywhere and...
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    Is there a way to score the liner for decals?

    if you have a javelin (or similiar) cutter, these work well. we have had success with flat table, cutting on new, flat foamcore sheet. just takes a minute or two to dial in razor blade height. once good, no issues. take out variable of hand pressure.
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    Need a material to stick to paver stones

    no laminate. it was uv printed (hp fb950) on alumagraphics grip.
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    Need a material to stick to paver stones

    pix of alumagraphics we have had in front of our entrance. lot of foot traffic. 5 summers, 4 winters (we in north illinois). shoveled, snow blowed, salted, etc. first 3 years looked pretty good...last year started to show wear. uv direct print.
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    Name everything wrong with this sign

    and here i thought you were talking about how hard it was to see F-150 on the truck until i read the other comments....
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    Big Circle...

    +1 for Gino. we have done large 6mm sintra pieces like this for indoor application. router cut them so adjoining/connecting edges are dead on. used 3M RP45 tape to install to wall (painted drywall) biggest thing is to have half the tape at the adjoining/connecting edges behind each piece so...
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    Alumigraphics Install Trick

    have used alumagraphics and really like it. nothing as big as yours. tim99 thanks for advice. question? do you do anything to seal the edges. alumagraphics is easy to pick at and lift. some of our clients have had issues with the public picking at and lifting the edges.
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    Wall Wraps- Shrinking, Curling

    +1 on phototex. we use phototex opaque with our uv printer. bulletproof (eco-solvent will scratch). sticks and doesnt stretch
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    font help please

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    font help please

    thank you!
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    font help please

    found several close but not it thanks in advance!
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    48" x 96" snap frame for 3mm ACM

    beside any merchant member here, we've used alpina frame very happy and they will send them as a knockdown (unassemlbed) to save freight
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    Suggestions Add something to the edge of a carpet print

    we have done carpets on our uv flatbed using same ultraflexx. to finish the edges (to prevent fraying) need to carpet bind the edges. see pix. recommend calling a local carpet company. they have/or use carpet binding folks to do carpets and remnants. can run anywhere from $2 - $4 linear foot...
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    Fb950 Data Cable

    anyone have a fb950 data cable for sale? CQ114-67128 need one desperately thanks
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    Anyone know source of these plastic wall mount boards for prints?

    Looks like they could be "standouts" or mural mounts from Coda.
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    font help

    that was my first guess too. the "e"s have a different look.
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    font help

    found some close but not it. know the "t" is probably modified thanks