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    perfect circle on cylinder

    thank for all the great tips. another variable i forgot to mention. the tank is oval shaped (see photo). JB i may send some measurements when i get them back. thank you all !
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    perfect circle on cylinder

    i have a project that will require a perfect circle when viewed on a tanker truck. i did a test install and the cut perfect circle looks oval when applied. i'm sure there is a math formula or trick to distort the cut circle so it will look like a true circle when applied. here is an example...
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    like Stratos but not...

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    bulleit font

    i thought this might be megadeth cyrillic, not not quite. look familiar? prob a custom but looking for similar does not need exact.
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    Slab Serif Help

    I found Andralis ND Small Caps Bold to be a close enough match.
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    Slab Serif Help

    looking for this (or something w similar serifs) no luck w FMF.
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    Font ID Help

    Antique Six- Extra Bold (ExtraBold) - Font Preview, Details, Download AntiqueSix-ExtraBold
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    Need Help Easier way of Weeding vinyl(machine or toll) ?

    this one must be the 100k one. Galileo Weeding Machine - The revolution for weed removal in printing industry - YouTube i remember seeing a demo for a different plotter attachment (icut Mickkelson MGE?) that would plotter knife cut your file, then drop glue spots in the 'matrix/waste' areas...
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    Question Wild TA 410 ES Plotter

    the light barriers can be disabled, but you'll need the service mode code to get to that menu. it's not recommended to run plotters with safety features disabled. i would look into why the sensors are not in alignment or what obstructions are in the way.
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    Find my Font v3.3(13) released

    update installed, thank you for such a great product !!
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    Script font ID

    Allura (maybe with stroke to bold?)
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    Choke & Spread

    try the stroke method. at that small of size start w about 3pt stroke.
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    Choke & Spread

    instead of a choke and spread, i would use strokes on the red fill to "spread" under your black. in your strokes menu, select same color as your fill print, select stroke weight (small items like this i use 3pt -large can go much higher), use the "overlap/print" pulldown and choose the 2nd...
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    Font help please

    in a case like this, what would be the "official" Futura foundry/publisher?
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    the dreaded beeping

    the main ribbon cable bundle that runs along the hinge. i think there are 2 connections on both ends of the cable to unseat/reseat (been a long time since i looked at). have to take the top cover and side plate to access them.
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    Custom Grid

    pm sent
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    Looking to buy a new tablet.

    our IT support guys love their Surface Pro 4s, but i don't know how well pressure sensitive drawing in Adobe CC functionality is. powerful computers in tablet form, kinda pricey.
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    Vehicle Templates

    i use Mr Clipart and PVO for templates, but always try to get real tape measurements and photos. body lines, hardware, and compound curves will fool you and can make for headaches on your installers.
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    chiseled font similar to Handel Gothic

    Zarana, YES!! awesome job of deciphering my clues. Thank you very much eaHicks!