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  1. Scubadog

    Need Help CorelDraw 2018 to Chinese Laser

    Yes you can, when you install rdworks you can install drivers for Corel. At least they work with Corel 16. I would suggest that you go to and check it out they have an translated English version of the RDWorks manual and some very knowledge people.
  2. Scubadog

    greetings from Indy

    Welcome from New Castle, IN
  3. Scubadog

    Versaworks 3.0 chokes

    What version of Windows are you running?
  4. Scubadog

    Color Changing

    This software is great. It makes it simple to change any eps or coreldraw file to pantone colors for easy color seps. I am not affiliated with Steve in any way other than I use this program. :clapping: "Quick Change was created by a screen print artist for color reduction and spot color...
  5. Scubadog

    Advanced Artist Training - Anyone use this?

    I have it and have learned a great deal from it. I would recommend it to everyone.
  6. Scubadog

    versaworks updates

    I installed it last week with no problems.
  7. Scubadog

    how is this on ebay?

    Maybe some one should let Harley Davidson know he is selling there decals also.
  8. Scubadog

    New to here but not the business

    Welcome back wish I was in FL right now. We're getting Rain mixed with snow.
  9. Scubadog

    Hello From Indiana

    Welcome from another Hoosier.:Welcome: GO COLTS!!
  10. Scubadog

    Signfonts Holiday Special on Christmas Script.

    I got Sarsaparilla, Valentino and the free Christmas Script. I love them all. That brings my total to 7 different Signfonts fonts. All are great! Thanks Steve
  11. Scubadog

    Master 300p!

    No Fred that’s not the problem. I had a Master cutter and it did the same thing. After cutting quite a bit of the design it would just go diagonal to the starting point cutting all along the way! It was almost always on long cuts. I sold the cutter and got a Summa before it ever became much of a...
  12. Scubadog

    About our New Heat Master Press

    I checked the temp on mine and it was with in 1 degree of what it was set on! I think I can live with that. Haven’t had much time to play with it though.:cool1:
  13. Scubadog

    Heat Press Deal....$365 New!

    Still no comments on the Teflon pad! I have a feeling it goes on the top but I'm not sure. I figure that it is to protect the Teflon that is on the heat side since a shirt or what ever wil be protecting the rubber pad. I'm just guessing. Maybe I should have gotten 2 of them then I couldn't have...
  14. Scubadog

    Heat Press Deal....$365 New!

    Thanks for the info on the directions. I'm sure Mike is glad that everyone is happy so far, that a lot of pressure not to mention money. Thanks for putting this all together Mike. As for receiving his first, I guess that the benefit of living closer to the dealer. This may sound like a stupid...
  15. Scubadog

    Heat Press Deal....$365 New!

    Got mine today.:Cool 2: It is very nice. However it got a little slow climbing to temp after it passed 360 degress. Also mine was set for 220 volts and had to be changed to 110. I removed the back cover to change it, but it could be done by lowering the platen and looking inside the middle...
  16. Scubadog

    Heat Press Deal....$365 New!

    Looks like the price was right on these presses. Now they are on ebay for $595.00 + $65.00 shipping.
  17. Scubadog

    cutter equal to bobcat

    The Desay is what I had. It is very noisy, the fan runs all the time it is on. The new Summa only runs when it is cutting. The cuts are not nearly as clean.
  18. Scubadog

    Interested in a starter system

    I called and talked to the gal about the Summa D60 on ebay and it dosen't include any software other than the drivers and the shipping is about twice what summa will charge. She has it advertised in the local trader for $1400.00 which was her buy it now price on ebay. I am also looking at buying...
  19. Scubadog

    Hello to all the cheap people and not-so cheap too!

    See if you can get the guys information. I could order from him and sell at my regular price and still make good money with out having to do the work.:wine-smi: Then I can set back and make the $$$.