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    New Shop Tables

    So we just acquired 3 sheets of glass that are 60 x 103" that are 3/4" thick. I'm trying to remember a discussion a while ago about table tops with glass or table mounting surfaces with glass. We were talking about turning these into tables. I remember the Chinese company that kept trying to...
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    Help with Font

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    Help with Font

    It looks familiar but need help with the Wynnfield Properties font. please
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    Need help with font.

    bump, please help
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    Need help with font.

    Thank you for your help in advance. It looks so familiar but i don't have an eye for this. Need it for the Wynnefield
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    HP 365 vs HP 560

    Going back to your original question, i evaluated the difference between the 560 and the 570 which is about $6000 difference. the due to the price difference the 560 will be cheaper until you reach about 150k sqft of material run through the printer. at that point the the 570 is cheaper. we...
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    Hey we run NOBLE PRINTERS and have clear perf in stock. we print second surface with a back...

    Hey we run NOBLE PRINTERS and have clear perf in stock. we print second surface with a back blockout and looks great! call (877) 786-6253
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    Need Help Vinyl on carpet

    i'll start off by saying we are not a lawyer, but give them their money back for the graphic and move on. do not own the responsibility of the cleaning except to the tune of the product. 1) you did not get to see the carpet and make a recommendation, and only sold a product to a client for a...
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    Adobe VIP, ETLA or CLP

    We are looking at needing 5 licenses for Adobe Suite and wondering if other have spoken with them about their programs. Value Incentive Plan (VIP), Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA), or Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP) program for these licenses. Is this even enough to be eligable...
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    CNC Routing Max Metal

    So just upgraded our old Zund to a new MCT Router/Laser machine. It is awesome. But we have been working on some acrylic push through signs. When cutting Max Metal to form a box, i have a 90 degree bit and would love to have some guidance on how deep to cut the vee-groove to make the box bend...
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    Installing Avery Conform Chrome Matte Silver

    we usually laminate it almost immediately after opening then install as normal. Use Avery 1360 or other similar laminate. Other wise use new squeegees, and Teflon sleeve and keep it clean.
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    Need printed window perf for interior of window

    I have clear window perf that we can second surface print with white and black for inside window perforated graphics. It has clear adhesive and is designed for this application. PM me and i'll provide the details.
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    Vinyl coming off wall

    the main problem is the paint on the wall is low VOC as presented earlier. you could use something like 3M 180 LSI (this is designed for low evergy surface paint and items) or Mactac Rebel H or Arlon 8200. I don't know if Avery makes a film for this. Oddly enough you could do a paint test...
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    Magnet Removal

    This should be fun. We have a client who ordered magnets for their fiberglass/aluminum minibus. and apparently the sign company put a double sided adhesive on the back to "make them stick" about 9 years ago. Now they would like us to remove and re-wrap it professionally. We would appreciate...
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    Removal of vehicle wrap

    Ok so here is the final breakdown. The Film used was NOT chrome wrap film. It was Chrome sign film, when the CLIENT removed the film layer he left the mylar layer this insulated the adhesive layer from the chemicals we tried. We ended up breaking out out hot water pressure washer and kicking...
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    Removal of vehicle wrap

    The wrap was originally a matte red as explained. the client did NOT steam it when he removed it, and pulled off ALL of the vinyl leaving this. It doesn't look like Hexis or Avery Film, but left this adhesive layer with the chrome on top of it. When it warms up a little more this morning i'll...
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    Removal of vehicle wrap

    Good Morning All, I have a fun client who dropped off this car. He says he removed the film and left this reflective crap on the car and if we just easily remove it for him. Obviously he didn't steam it off. I wanted your opinion client removed some form of chrome off of his car and left...
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    Font Needed

    Thanks Signo!
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    Font Needed

    What is the font for the Triangle? Thanks,
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    Need Help LATEX 360 PRINTER REPAIR recommendations

    I'm trying to get a grasp on what you are saying is wrong, but it sounds like it may be a printhead issue, try to switch printheads with new ones. this is the low hanging fruit. if the heads are still in warranty you can get them replaced for free. if that doesn't work - it will likely be...