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    Opinions on Cougar???

    My company is insisting I get them a cutter to produce marketing materials in house. At first they thought they could get by with a SX-15 and are pressuring me to get them one, but I may have talked them into getting something a little better. But they won't spend much more and they want to move...
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    Font suggestions

    Looks like you are spot on the other font might be Swiss 721 Heavy + Italic. Thanks.
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    Need Cutter Recommendations!!

    So what is the general consensus for the Graphtec CE3000-40?
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    Font suggestions

    I agree they are not bad but I didn't generate them. That's why I was trying to figure out the fonts so I could generate my own versions. None of the fonts I have are quite like these. Nice home page Steve. I like the font Speedway, I may use it if I cant find this one.
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    Font suggestions

    I've been asked to do some tank names or helmet names for the local MX track to give out as prizes. I'm drawing a blank as to what font to use for something like this. I've looked around for ideas and these pictures were the best I could come up with. Anyone got any suggestions for fonts to use...