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    summa d60

    Maybe you don't have the windows drivers installed for the cutter. Here is a work around, save the plot file out of flexi as a .plt then send that to the cutter through cutter control. We send all of our cut files to our summa this way.
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    Massive air bubble under laminate!

    Was the decal that failed on the gas tank? Alot of mx kits have small holes cut into the decals on the gas tank pieces to allow the gas vapors to escape.
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    Promotional Products

    Try they have a large selection of stuff. I ordered some calenders from them last year. They have fly swatters
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    Installing Versa Works on new computer with Windows 7, HELP

    Instead of opening versaworks and updating through the program, go to the online update program in the start menu under roland versaworks. I have had to install some of the updates that way when installing from the old cd that came with the printer.
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    Graphtec or Summa

    I have owned both, summa all the way. I actually just helped a friend set up his new s2-160t on saturday. He didn't need the bar code cutting but bought it anyway. I was able to make it work with flexi version 8 (no barcode using the s160t in product manger) after he bought flexi 11. We have the...
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    converting all my vector cut files for versaworks....

    You have the right idea, I think you may have to assign the stroke to the cutcontour color, it may be contourcut. I rember having some trouble with contour cuts from illustrator to versaworks but don't use it very often.
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    Flexi? why would they design it to do this?

    Right click on the cutter in product manager, mine says S140D Then set default properties to hold. Mine always stays and I have never had to set it again unless I delete that machine or reload a new version. I also have it set to hold the print on my printer.
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    Flexi sign question

    Sorry I ment psd file not pdf
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    Flexi sign question

    Or you can open it in photoshop and save it as a pdf file, import that into flexi and add the contour cut to it, separate the contour cut, release the coutour cut then use that shap to mask it. Or you can just draw a circle the same size as the the screw if its the round or polygon tool if its...
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    Cutting Problems with flexi

    When in doubt, power out. try turning the power off on the back of the roland and turning it back on.
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    Summa S2 T 64" Vs Graphtec FC8600

    Like the others have said summa all the way. Biggest thing it has over the graphtec is the user interface, it is just easier to understand. The cutting force and speed are in real units not just a number. I bought the graphtec and could never get it to read the registration marks for print and...
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    Flexi Vs Illustrator

    The biggest problem you will have is that Flexi and Illustrator do not play well together. Any gradients you use in Illustrator will come into flexi as multiple masks and tend to be hard for flexi to deal with.
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    Non-laminated vinyl application problem

    We use print-rite vinyl from garston for cheap, short term non-laminated prints. Its 6mil so it works pretty good without laminate and I have 2 decals on my car that go throught the automatic car wash 3 times a week and still look good after 3 years without lam. 54"x100' is $141 Arlon makes a...
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    Onyx / Graphtec Print to Cut Issues with Over 8 Feet of Material

    Yes Had exactly the same experience with the graphtec fc8600 on short runs and long. But we print with a roland and used flexi sign for the rip. Graphtec also blamed flexi sign. This is how we fixed the problem. There are many on here that have nothing but praise for the graphtec and never have...
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    Looking at a VS540i and a Summa S2 T Series - what RIP?

    I don't know how well the roland cutter is, but we tried a graphtec fc8000 before the summa and could never get it to find the registration marks consistantly. We returned that to our supplier and got the summa. At that time roland did not have a 54" cutter. We don't use the thick convex...
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    Looking at a VS540i and a Summa S2 T Series - what RIP?

    You can still use the summa if you only have versaworks. If you design with coral or illustrator there is plug in to put the opus marks on for you, or you can make your own marks around your design and send the contour cut and the marks to the summa using winplot. Yes you are right it is a...
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    Flexi-Designer subscription

    I have done it with winplot but when running a run of 1000 of the same decal its easier for me to put 1000 in the qty in product manager and let flexi put the marks on, space them ect. The opus always work fine for me as far as finding the marks. I just use the older version of flexi on anything...
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    Flexi-Designer subscription

    Siteline, Does flexi automatically find the usb key or do you have to tell it where to find it? Chimuka Why do you export the files to the product manager instead of using the rip and print button? We also have Flexi, summa setup, we print with a roland. We save the .plt (cut job) out of...
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    Flexi-Designer subscription

    I was told that I cannot send directly from flexi designer to the flexi pro product manager installed on another computer. I was told that I would have to save the file then import the file into the product manager. Can I send a print to the product manager installed on another computer from...
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    question. anyone that designs in photoshop can you help me out

    Most clip art that is vector is designed in cmyk and uses a cmy value of 0 and k100 When you import into photoshop you should get a box that askes you what resolution and colorspace you would like to use. That also defaults to cmyk so you have to change it to rgb and also 72dpi so you must...