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  1. JTBoh

    Font ID

    Prismatic HDU on a 20 year old sign. There's a LOT more letters than this - so really want to retype instead of redraw for the cut files. Any ideas?
  2. JTBoh

    Powdercoating question

    Not a product we deal too much in, so figured I'd cross check it. We're looking to install alum. letters and shapes flush to a concrete wall. Was quoted for both sides of the aluminum, asked if 1 sided was an option for lower cost. Cost is lowered, but PC guy says: "Just so you know , if...
  3. JTBoh

    Anyone else disturbed..

    There is no doubt that sh**stain deserved to get blowed the F up. His actions did cause american deaths, and he was reviled by other countries as well as his own people. Currently, 1500 Iranians are dying per week as a result of his crackdowns, etc - per multiple Iranian twitter accounts at...
  4. JTBoh

    Font help

    note "W" - thanks!
  5. JTBoh

    Will it Stick?

    I have my doubts about vinyl adhering to this plastic sheet. Never came up, so figured I'd a sk.
  6. JTBoh


    Sure looked like a joke to me. That's definitely an overreaction imo.
  7. JTBoh

    Happy Cold Front Day...

    We peaked at 87 today here in cent FL. Just had our first measurable rain in about a month... good inch or 2. Went outside and caught the breeze and the mist.
  8. JTBoh

    Plexiglas Standoff Signs w/ Frosted

    Soap and water is fine, BUT alcohol at any step of the process, even before, can cause the cracking. That said - one of these days i'll get around to using that as part of the design, somehow. Intentionally cracked and still structurally sound.
  9. JTBoh

    19 foot american flag boat wrap went wrong

    You used the correct materials, the product sheet states "Long-term, outdoor signage, complex fleet and vehicle graphics, marine and motorsport wraps". You did everything you were contracted to do, and you have documentation to back that up. Once it's out the door, that's their problem - don't...
  10. JTBoh

    Torching Liquid Lamination (Gloss)

    Possible to torch a liquid-laminated wall graphic onto a wall? Gloss finish. Anyone have any experience with this? Concerned that the torching might affect gloss/sheen, but also know liquid lam is used on wraps as well.
  11. JTBoh

    I am stumped with this job

    Simple. Remove this part, problem solved.
  12. JTBoh

    Font ID Needed

    Model maker wants some little letters.
  13. JTBoh

    No-Maintenance Exterior Sign

    If they really want to powerwash it, 2nd surface paint on an embossed panface will last decades. Just have to talk them into it.
  14. JTBoh

    Illuminate me?

  15. JTBoh

    Illuminate me?

    OK, so have a weird one. Customer is looking to have an illuminated monument sign, that appears to match his building in the daytime, and illuminates at night. His building is primarily black windows. They "need" the sign to be purple. I'm aware of where purple falls on the visibility...
  16. JTBoh


    Thanks for the update/review. Can't say I was expecting anything a year later lol, but good to know
  17. JTBoh

    Sign post to Porch column

    Nah, the woodwork on the gable is on the same plane as the front of the columns. If I was so motivated, I'd move 3 to match, one under each end of the gable, one center, and the last one to the left spaced evenly with the other 3. Yea, I hear you Jburton. That kinda thing would irk me every...
  18. JTBoh

    Sign post to Porch column

    I woulda lined it up underneath the woodwork and spaces the others accordingly. The columns look solid though, definitely an improvement.
  19. JTBoh

    Discussion I know my answer already, what's yours...........................

    Scrape the white off, install the black, charge again when they want to go to white. Dat'll lern em.
  20. JTBoh

    Illumination question

    The channel letters will have their own clear backer - the 1/4" aluminum is the only element that'll have exposed LED strings. The strings are rated IP68 and UL listed per our fabricator so not concerned with exposed. If trans vinyl itself wont do it, maybe some sort of fabricated prism...