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  1. mrugen

    lime green CMYK value in flexisign?

    Watch this webinar for Printing from a MUTOH printer with Flexi. This 30 minute webinar will teach you how to get those colors right!.....okay much better!
  2. mrugen

    BITMAP INVERT filter not always available??? Flexi 10.5.1

    RGB Masked? Could the image be masked? Right click on it and see if there is an iption to unmask.
  3. mrugen

    Flexi Plug ins???

    Flexi Training You got it Tom. Just did one in Charlotte, but Ill be back in the VA/DC soon. I am woriing in the new Flexi 12 DVD now and should have something late November.
  4. mrugen

    Flexi Crash Conspiracy?

    What was the answer sigsignman: I cannot wait to find out what is happening. Rediculous that they would infect your version of the software or THOUSANDS of others would be having the exact same issue. I think IT will eventually find the answer. 2:29 is so close to 2:30 it sounds like some sort...
  5. mrugen

    Flexi 12 Cloud Pure hue

    How to get Great Color with Flexi and MUTOH Printers Read the attched PDF that shows how to get better color with Flexi and MUTOH printers.
  6. mrugen


    This is a NEW option in the color settings menu of FLexi. It allows you to "tweak" colors like gray, red, gree, yellow etc etc,. so say the yellow you are printing has 80%Y 8%M and 2%C. Turning on PURE HUE for YELLOW and CLEAN COLOR might remove the 2%C giving you a better yellow. The tolorence...
  7. mrugen

    New monitor, Flexi Question...

    Monitor Driver No doubt a monitor driver issue. In other words, the driver options should be checked. YOu may need to change the resolution of the montior a bit as well as work with the font sizes.
  8. mrugen

    BITMAP INVERT filter not always available??? Flexi 10.5.1

    Rgb Be sure the image is in RGB format. Just select the image and then go to BITMAP and COLOR MODE and change to RGB. Should be good to go!
  9. mrugen

    Flexi Plug ins???

    PS Plugins with Flexi Sure, just install the plugin and then go to the EDIT menu and choose Perefences. In the menu that follows, go to FILE PATH and just direct Flexi to the location of the plugin. I give lots away in my training classes. Here's one I like...
  10. mrugen

    profile help Flexi Cloud

    Training at GRS By the way I am doing training at GRS June 18, 19 and this is in fact one of the topics! For more info:
  11. mrugen

    What type of customer File is Best to ask for?

    Best file format for Flexi when customer supplies EPS is safe, as is PDF. Keep in mind that as others have mentioned,. there may be effects that may not be available in Flexi that could appear odd when importing. Also keep in mind the Flexi compatibility as far as versions. Check the appendix...
  12. mrugen

    Need Flexi Sign Program

    What happens if..... I DO get it Mike, serious I do....just trying to show that there are alternatives and one of them is to simply deal with reality. Of course its about profit, of course there are alternatives. I appreciate opinions. Just sharing mine. Love this place!:rock-n-roll:
  13. mrugen

    Need Flexi Sign Program

    What happens if..... What happens if lightning strikes your computers.....NOT LIKELY What happens if a car drives through your shop.....NOT LIKELY What happens if a tornado destroys your shop.....RARE, happend to me. I survived, so did my business. What happens if you have a heart...
  14. mrugen

    Custom profiles in Flexisign 10?

    Color Profiler in Flexi - New Guide Released Interesting you brought this topic up because I just finished writing a new guide for this very topic. I am doing some final edits, but I've included a copy here for you use. It will guide you from start to finish and I put some tips in the guide as...
  15. mrugen

    mutoh or latex?

    Take care of your printer & it will take care of you I "see" a lots of printers since I attend a lot of trade shows. I work with Mutoh, Roland, HP from a software standpoint. I hear from owners of these printers and most of them love what they have, but one common observation when I visit a...
  16. mrugen

    Upgrading Flexi 8.6

    #6: Yes, perhaps this should not be on there since its really the responsibility of the software maker to keep its software stable. However, I was referring to the improvements in stability that come with new versions of software as part of the reason to upgrade, not that this was a sole reason...
  17. mrugen

    Upgrading Flexi 8.6

    Plan for Upgrades 1) It has the driver you need & 100's more for others. 2) Works even better with VersaWorks. 3) Import filters updated to CS6, etc etc. 4) Can open all your old files. 5) At least a dozen new features, like banner grommet marker placement, etc. 6) Much more stable, fewer...
  18. mrugen

    Secrect Features of Flexi Design & Print to Be Revealed

    A Few Seats Left for Flexi Training If you will be anywhere near Orlando, FL, Feb 25th, I still have a few seats open for the Flexi training session.:rock-n-roll: Looks like tubelite is going to sponsor the session so maybe even some good deals in the making...I'll let you know. Rememebr the...
  19. mrugen

    Flex 11 nesting

    Nesting in Flexi First of all do you mean nesting of a objects in a single job or nesting of multiple jobs during output? Print or Cut? There are several ways to nest in Flexi: 1) The cut/plot menu 2) Nest BEFORE output in Flexi using the Arrange menu and Nest, you can them manuall move...
  20. mrugen

    What the #$&**** is going on with Cloud?!?!?!

    Interesting Find That makes some sense. Regardless of the file, if you send any file to Production manager and change a settings, the next file sent will use the previous settings. You need to check options each time you send files. As an example, suppose you send a cut file. Now in PM you...