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  1. BobbyFosson

    Hello Signs101 from WrapCut Fine Filament Edge Cutting Tape

    Good to see another Merchant Member. Welcome!
  2. BobbyFosson

    Wall graphics?

    +1 GMI/Mojave 4 and 6 mil
  3. BobbyFosson

    Font id please

    Thank you all. Highway Gothic Series E-Modified worked, after I had already vectored the letters needed from the original scan. Appreciate the help.
  4. BobbyFosson

    Need Roland Fj-52 parallel port card...

    Isn't that part of the mainboard on those units?
  5. BobbyFosson

    Font id please

    Thank you for checking.
  6. BobbyFosson

    Font id please

    Can not locate in my library. Thank you in advance.
  7. BobbyFosson

    Flexisign Pro 7.6 install error

    File sharing is not normally permitted here but seeing as this link is being supplied by a MM that happens to be the Manufacturer of the software, letting it go. Thank you Steph for helping out.
  8. BobbyFosson

    Net Profit Estimate

    Wow, I wish it was really this easy.
  9. BobbyFosson

    Satellite Truck

    I like that it is not over complicated at all... simple, clean and clear. Nice.
  10. BobbyFosson

    Site upgrade pending this evening

    The updates have not been fully installed and another attempt will be scheduled this coming week. More information will be posted tomorrow. Sorry for any inconvenience this evening.
  11. BobbyFosson

    Site upgrade pending this evening

    The site will be temporarily closed tonight in order to backup and upgrade some of the core software that has recently been updated. Closure is expected to happen between 8:30 and 9pm. If all goes well, the site will be re-opened within 60-90 minutes or less.
  12. BobbyFosson

    Not polling media width (Vista issue?)

    There has to be an issue or compatibility issue with the OS versions... I have a client with a Roland XC540 that Flexi 8.5 will not Poll Size, but will with Flexi 7.6. Obviously the drivers change a bit from Flexi version to version but I believe it has to be something that the OS manufacturers...
  13. BobbyFosson

    Color shifting on are MUTOH!! HELP!

    What software RIP are you using? What Media? What profile setting? Grab as much detail and put it in here to save everyone time. Chances are, if you supply complete information, you should get a relatively quick and accurate fix or suggestion.
  14. BobbyFosson

    Color shifting on are MUTOH!! HELP!

    Sounds like more of a profile and/or rendering intent problem. Why a virus would affect this, I have no clue. Does the nozzle check on the printer print the correct colors?
  15. BobbyFosson

    Not polling media width (Vista issue?)

    Maybe update to 8.6v2
  16. BobbyFosson

    Saying HI for first time... HI EVERYONE!

    Welcome to Signs101
  17. BobbyFosson

    Will Signs101 email replies to your posts to you?

    You will need to go to your UserCP (control Panel) Locate the 'Settings & Options' section. Click on Edit Option IN the Default Thread Subscription, set to 'Instant Email Notification'
  18. BobbyFosson

    Linear encoder strip?

    It is essentially a map read by the print head to know where it is over the platten
  19. BobbyFosson

    flexi and photoshop

    At least be sure to flatten the layers before importing into Flexi
  20. BobbyFosson

    Happy Birthday BigDawg!

    Happy Birthday