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    How do schools and townships still not understand the PO process?

    Every town does it a bit different. Frankly, I hate that system. It's often the worst of the bunch. There is a lack of accountability on so many levels. I find regularly treasurers are awful at their job and sit on invoices for 60+ days before processing them. I also have to worry whether...
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    How do schools and townships still not understand the PO process?

    I'm baffled by how schools and towns don't think following the PO process is important or simply don't know it. I create a quote. You create a requisition order. Finance creates a PO. I receive the PO. Start work. Send an invoice. You pickup / I ship. You release the funds. It's not...
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    Need Help Help milling alupanel

    Please note, these are specs for a single flute cutter. If you cut with a 2 flute, you'd cut the RPMS significantly down. Approximately 1/2 the speed. ACM cuts pretty easily but it does have an issue with the edges. This is down to cutters dulling quickly. You'll often notice a cutter works...
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    office 3D logo made of mdf by a cabinetmaker?

    The right material for the job. MDF works great in some applications and is crap in others. PVC, acrylic, hdu, foam boards and any other materials are the same. One thing to note is there are different grades of mdf. Some is awful and some are really nice. For example, Medex is really nice...
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    Porter Cable discontinued that model a few years back. They're on eBay used if you need them. If you're up for a bit of a challenge, I'd buy an actual spindle and VFD. Something like this: A 3.25HP traditional router actually puts out about 1HP when running. A 2.2KW spindle is close to...
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    Suggestions Direct Print: 16x20 Brushed Silver ACM

    I was working with a local shop for jobs like this, but they've become way too inconsistent to work with, so I'd like to find a solid wholesale vendor to work with on small jobs like this. Most of them are just one-offs or smalls as part of a bigger job. In this case, it's just a 16"x20"x3mm...
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    Question Best place to list a printer for sale?

    Craigslist, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, internet forums, and calling local competitors. Big picture, on a piece of equipment like that, your path of least resistance is working with someone local. You can obviously ship it, but it's a lot more work than someone showing up with a box truck and...
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    The Vaccine - you going to take it or no?

    1. Hydroxychloroquine doesn't effectively treat the virus. 2. Not everyone has a 2% survival rate. That's an average survival rate. 3. There are long term effects of having Covid. My legs hurt for about 6 months after having a very mild case. 4. Getting Covid doesn't have to result in...
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    Help Fabricating Floating Acrylic Section

    Not to be a jerk, but is this really the best picture/file you could post to ask this question? I know if one of my customers sent me this sort of picture, I'd wonder what they were thinking. If another "pro" sent it to me, I wouldn't even bother responding.
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    New Guy How to effectively run business which I've taken charge..

    I'm not reading this dumpster fire. Here's my take: If you have some sort of applicable skill set, by all means, continue down this path of being in the sign/printing world. If you don't have an applicable skill set, run as far away as you can. There are so many industries out there where...
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    The Vaccine - you going to take it or no?

    Love the subtle antisemitism that you slipped there, despite Fauci being Dr. Anthony Fauci, an Italian-American Catholic. Shows pretty clearly what kind of person you are.
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    Price check... real estate sign

    On more straight forward projects like this, I like to use multipliers to cover everything. So on something like this, most likely multiplying the frame by 4 would get you damn close to covering the frame and sign with some basic design work. Then you have your install on top of it.
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    Looking for Website Design & Cost

    Like signs: It depends. Option 1: DIY. So you can do Wix or something like that. It's $20-40/mo which includes hosting. You're basically renting a site. The alternative is paying for hosting ($5-20/mo typically) and doing a WordPress Site with something like Divi or Elementor on top of...
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    Sandblasted & Passivated Stainless Steel Property Line Marker NYC

    Gemini won't meet specs 1. They won't sandblast stainless 2. They don't passivate. 3. They won't do a deep etch. They'll print only etch to approximately 1/32". I've spoken to them a bunch of times trying to get someone willing to accept this job as a special circumstance, but they won't...
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    Sandblasted & Passivated Stainless Steel Property Line Marker NYC

    I've been going back and forth with a customer for a while now. They're doing iron work for a big project in NYC and they've decided to be a middleman for getting the property line marker signs done. The architect has spec'd :rolleyes: "standblasted and passivated 3/16" thick stainless steel...
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    Need Help Merging Variable Data in Illlustrator

    Kind of amazed this thread is still alive. As ikarasu pointed out, you can do it in Illustrator. Personally, I'd do it differently than he is (just setup one dimension and then copy from a "variable file" into a "production file"), but it's really not that complicated. Big picture, if you...
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    Need Help Merging Variable Data in Illlustrator

    Illustrator deals with variables in a terrible way. I have a script which makes it more manageable, but it's still done poorly, especially for a job like this. If I had to do this in Illustrator, I'd set up the plates going across the 4 feet only. I'd make a unique variable for each of the...
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    French Cleat - Second Surface Acrylic

    Instead of the block out white vinyl, try mounting a piece of PVC/Sintra to act like the block out. Then you can attach the cleat to that or route/cut the hanger right into the PVC.
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    Need Help Excel Experts?

    Here's what I'd do, but I'm not going to do it because it's a bit too much grunt work to do for free. Here's some of the math/functions. Day 10: 5-10: =C8-(($C8-$H8)/5). 10-15: =H8-(($H8-$M8)/5). 15-20: =M8-(($M8-$R8)/5) Just rinse and repeat that over and over again until you get to day...
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    How do you hire?

    Guy comes in, works 40 hours a week for you, doing a full time job. He's reliable. He's efficient. He's good at his job. Shouldn't he make enough to have a place to live, food to eat, a car to drive, utilities covered, and some left over to go on a vacation/save for retirement/go out and...