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  1. Hey Moze....

    Nice touch Ray, thanks!
  2. Hey Moze....

    And now the rest of the story...
  3. Just In How to Calculate Your Hourly Shop Rate

    Finding a good accountant is very important with business. Luckily I found one early and he taught me a lot about investing my money. I listened. And after years of working, it all worked out.
  4. Just In How to Calculate Your Hourly Shop Rate

    Great video. Wish I had that 45 years ago. I would just add up my expensive for the month and try to make that in half a month and the rest of the month would be profit.
  5. Horrifying and stuck on this logo

    two color, quick lunchtime sketch
  6. Suggestions Oh boy..........................

    Hey victor, post #46, that was discussed already.
  7. Suggestions Oh boy..........................

    Thank you Gino for the “ride along” doing a backlit sign face the hard way.
  8. Suggestions Oh boy..........................

    It’s in the mail! And you know the other lie Tex.
  9. Ads?

    I do not have the ads blocking things out. Mac user on Chrome, maybe that has something to do with it. I miss Robert and his ads. I think the Taliban hired him to run their drone program.
  10. Removing cracked window graphics and reinstalling, (vendor provided the graphics)

    2.5 days / $1800.00 for one person, add helper @ $20 per hour, $350.00, total=$2200.00
  11. Thoughts on window vinyl media?

    Orical 3951 cast with 290 cast overlaminate
  12. Suggestions Oh boy..........................

    A fun client. They have names for women like her. She finds this sort of thing enjoyable. She has turned Gino into her boy toy.
  13. What the heck is going on with the Olympics?

    You had me with Norwegian women with upward angle bikini bottoms.
  14. Bezos Flight

    Ralph was sending Alice to the moon back in the 50s and he was just a NY bus driver. And Bezos’s big rocket penis only stayed up for about 10 minutes.
  15. Cutting software for Mac

  16. Cutting software for Mac

    I have SignCut and my renew is starting on August 2. What other software is out there for the Mac?
  17. Suggestions Oh boy..........................

    Redo the face. No rabbit hole, no lien. You scratched it, fix it and move on. It's a cruel world out there Gino.
  18. Buffing an acrylic dome

    "firing customers" "run away from that job". This is just people who are afraid to take on a new challenge. My grandfather use to tell me "to accept a challenge. If it was easy they would not need you."
  19. Change of Business name.

    Alphabetical Grapix
  20. Buffing an acrylic dome

    Yes but the ones I use are white, will look up the one tomorrow. Those for the rims might be to corse.