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  1. Install Complete on our new 3000 Series Multicam Router

    I got one in july. its a pretty awesome machine for sure. got mine with knife cartridge and vision.
  2. need some help with a couple of fonts

    thanks for the help. I got everything else now, except the phone number font. any one seen that one before?
  3. need some help with a couple of fonts

    I know one of them is sarah script, I just can figure out the others. Thanks
  4. need some help with a font

    Any one know this font?
  5. font help

    anyone know this font?
  6. Big thanks to Summa

    Had some work done to my plotter a couple of weeks ago. I was extremely pleased with the service and turn around time. They went way above and beyond in repairing my plotter to like new condition. I couldn't be happier with my choice to use summa machines. The one I had repaired is a 7 year old...
  7. New Mimaki JV33- VS- Roland OLJET® XF-640 Large-Format Digital Printers

    had a JV5 and got the XF-640. With the right profiles the color will blow away the Mimaki and the ink dries a lot quicker. I like the roland much better, although the speed isn't anywhere near the JV5 its not too bad. Compared to the JV33 it will fly.
  8. Summa Cutter, Roland Printer, Software? Opos Cam?

    Using mine with wasatch rip. Works great, but as mentioned will only work with the opos x system not the oposcam.
  9. Need help with gradient for wrap

    We have had success with gradients like this if you render that part to a bitmap. Vector gradients behave differently than raster gradients. I don't think I would have too much problem with that one. If the purple isn't metallic, you should be able to get pretty close.
  10. Advice on new cut machine

    You can't go wrong with a summa. Best cutters in my opinion. I have owned several different brands, most are pretty good but summas work great and have the best tech support.
  11. no cyan

    I just went through that with my jv5. Its a bad set of ink I am almost sure. I was hoping to get others to let me know about this same problem as I think they need to adress this issue. I have been getting the old "we havent had this problem with anyone else" story. I finally figured it out and...
  12. Lost left cyan in JV5

    I have only used mimaki ink. I have heard the horror stories about other inks and just figured it was safer to use oem inks only. It only looks like the cyan is the problem. I am hoping to find others with this issue so I can try to make mimaki address this issue and take care of situation...
  13. Lost left cyan in JV5

    Well, after a full week and a half of throwing everything possible at the machine it came down to some bad ink cartridges. Looks like Mimaki has a bad run of ink out there. I finally realized this after the cyan started dropping on the other side not long after I changed those carts. Once I...
  14. Lost left cyan in JV5

    I have seen this posted before, but no answer. I am having an issue with the left channel of cyan on all my heads on a JV5. They randomly run out of ink and drop nozzles. bad enough I can even get any kind of print to come out. I have changed all of the o rings in the entire left inkset, I...
  15. Mimaki jv5 parts

    Curious if anyone has or knows someone who may have a parts machine. I need a few parts and the price mimaki wants is crazy. Not looking for print heads, just some of the mechanical and electrical parts.
  16. font help

  17. font help

  18. interesting fonts

    You guys are awesome. You have no idea how much I appreciate that! Thanks again
  19. interesting fonts

    I found the top one. I would say the wolf cub isnt a font except there is some other lettering that is exactly the same on some letters.
  20. interesting fonts

    any one know these fonts?