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  1. What would you pay? What employees are worth.

    I hired someone off of indeed a couple of years ago. He had worked a few jobs over the last 5 years or so, a couple of them were foundry type jobs that sucked but paid well with benefits. This guy has 3 kids all under 6 years old and he definitely started off making less here and still does. We...
  2. Reflective for car wrap

    We've used Arlon IllumiNITE Wrap Flite Technology 5 Mil 7 Yr. Very low initial tack and it doesn't "bruise" easily or at all from what I can tell and reflectivity looks great.
  3. What would you pay? What employees are worth.

    Jeesh! I must be doing something way wrong. We finally broke the 500K mark as a business for the first time in 2022 with 1 full time designer, 1 full time production person, 1 full time graphic/vinyl and sign installer and Me (owner) OVER full time "all positions". I figure, your 2 designers are...
  4. Removal Technique (waxing)

    We used the zapper on some of the flared out fender areas where it was pretty "baked" on. It makes a huge mess but it was our last resort.
  5. Removal Technique (waxing)

    I wanted to share a removal technique that worked pretty well on most of a vehicle. There was a 16" horizontal vinyl strip right down the middle and tailgate of a truck. The vinyl was worn but not cracked. It seemed to be cast because it was quite thin and brittle. A steamer and heat gun really...
  6. Preferred material for enclosed trailer wraps

    We use Avery 2105 with a 1360 cast lam on enclosed trailers and pretty much everything flat or slightly curvy. Not over rivets.
  7. install new wrap over old?

    Remove it. It's now an upsell that you can charge on top of doing the new wrap. Removing vinyl sucks especially when it's in bad shape but if you can charge accordingly and make money on it, it's not too bad of a deal. If they don't want to pay for the added cost of the removal, I'd tell them...
  8. Employee side business

  9. rydods

    Can I get an estimate to convert this to vector even if it's just the lettering? It was spray...

    Can I get an estimate to convert this to vector even if it's just the lettering? It was spray painted onto a box with a stencil so I don't need the box lines. Email is xcellsigns@gmail.com
  10. Contour mark scan speed

    Update...I increased the speed in "condition" on the cutter itself and it worked. We were using Flexi to override the speed but I think the cutter was using the onboard speed for the mark detection.
  11. Contour mark scan speed

    Slow from mark to mark. Has no problem detecting the marks.
  12. Contour mark scan speed

    Tried this right away and it was at the highest setting even tried the lowest setting thinking maybe it was backwards and still scans the same speed. I can't think of another setting on the machine to try. I've also reached out to Graphtec but haven't heard back. I'll assume that because it's...
  13. Contour mark scan speed

    Something must be wrong then because the cutting speed is quite fast as well as moving from position to position on the roll. Just from mark to mark before it starts the cutting process, it's painfully slow.
  14. Contour mark scan speed

    I recently purchased a used Graphtec FC 9000-160 and it's very slow scanning from contour cut mark to mark. Is there any way to increase this speed? We previously had an FC-8600-160 54" and the scanning speed was much faster.
  15. "Dodging a bullet"

    I had meant for it to be about work stories in this particular industry. Guess I see how it could get off track. :)
  16. "Dodging a bullet"

    Thanks! wanted to post something a bit more engaging. :)
  17. "Dodging a bullet"

    Every now and again my anxiety kicks in and I recall things I've done as a kid that make me wonder how I managed to not get seriously hurt or killed. This morning, I was thinking of some close calls as a business owner/installer that cause me to sit up and take notice. Like all the times I've...
  18. Possible to wrap in one piece?

    If there is a section where a nice clean overlap will look fine, do in sections. Save yourself and your ego the headache.
  19. Arial

    Swiss took the place of Arial and Helvetica for me. Works well for warning and caution labels.
  20. Arial

    When I first started in the sign business I was told, don't worry about using any other fonts. Arial is the only one you'll need. This may be wrong but it's kind of funny...