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  1. Prints on clear acrylic

    We just purchased a flatbed UV for this very purpose. We can do up to a 24x36 I’m house and the prints look absolutely amazing.
  2. Question Xante Flatbed Printer

    Ours just got installed last week. The image quality on acrylic is amazing. We had some issues with coraplast today because the humidity was too low, but some denatured alcohol seems to have taken care of it.
  3. Promoter UV-LED Printer

    This is what our printer manufacturer recommends: For Glass and Ceramics use : Nazdar 7025 For Metal and Acrylic use: Nazdar 7020 https://sourceone.nazdar.com/Search?s=adhesion+promoter
  4. Anyone tried chinesse flatbed plotter

    I'd love to find one capable of cutting 24x36 with cardboard.
  5. Trade Print Services

    I've used printograph for years, but just like everyone else their level of service has suffered as late.
  6. HP L365

    Is this still available?
  7. Graphtec plotter

    There should be a code with the paperwork/manual for your Graphtec.
  8. Graphtec plotter

    Why not download Graphtec Pro Studio? It's free and it's basically Flexi
  9. Design software advice needed

    I do most of my design work in Canva and then import it into Graphtec Pro Studio, which is a slimmed-down version of Flexi. It's very rare that I have to open Illustrator these days.
  10. Question Printers and Vinyl for die cut stickers

    A little late to the party, but have you tried using a 60-degree blade?