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  1. WTF id not quite there

    It's not Exotc 350
  2. Font ID

    Thank you!:notworthy:
  3. Font ID

    I know that it isn't Artbrush, Freehand or Paint Stroke etc. Any idea?
  4. 25 Random Facts About YOU!

    1. First job in the sign industry was running a Gerber 4B. no computer, hand drawn and project/trace logos from the Yellow pages. 2. My friend is a talented, old school sign painter w/ no computer skills. Its heartbreaking that he can’t get work so I grossly underpay him from my pay to...
  5. Font Id

    Yes this customer is acting on a clients behalf and the menu has been updated to this font and logo thus dictating the sign font. If you look on the first pix I posted you will see I was gathering a couple of alternative fonts. 1) in case I could not find the exact font and 2) when I do a job...
  6. Font Id

    Yup! Thank You!
  7. Font Id

    MAIANDRA is on my worksheet, but it doesn't have the skewed u and the ends of letters are differant. Real close though. I started making by hand but better to have the font. Good point - Maybe I can find it on someones office PC p.s.Shovelhead yor avatar freaks me out!
  8. Font Id

    That was my worksheet. heres the font. Pardon the shadow. Thanks
  9. Font Id

    oops! let me send the correct file - sorry, hold on
  10. Font Id

    I have lots of similar fonts but not this one. Seen this before but please id. Thank you
  11. Garamond

    Along the same line, saw this on Netflix. www.helveticafilm.com
  12. Font Name Please

    Thanks so much.
  13. Font Name Please

    I need this font to cut vinyl. Please ID. Thanks
  14. Help With Error Mseg

    Please help so I can go home some time tonite. I am printing a 28" x 54 "on a Roland SP-300. The print comes out with 2" verticle lines across with "Not Registered" in the corners. The width of printing space is 28.1. If a print is slightly larger I normally get a warning along with the option...
  15. Corel X4

    Use coupon code ALLUME2007. (Expires 4/30/2008) on the Corel website & get free shipping, + an ugly Tee Shirt and a sketchbook. I used a different one that I can't retrieve and paid $179.10 on 3-27 and it came yesterday. If that one doesn't work just do a search for Corel Coupon
  16. Corel X4 Upgrade

    Didn't even notice! Yup Its all on the DVD! Thanks for pointing that out, I was getting ancy waiting to install this.:thumb:
  17. Corel X4 Upgrade

    Just got X4. When I got X3 upgrade there were 4 disks.The Programs, Clipart, Photos and Templates. There is only 1 disk in the box. Anyone know if it is all on the one disk? I do not want to install if I have to exchange it. Thanks.
  18. Corel X4

    Thanks for the info
  19. Corel X4

    What is up with Corel 4? Everything runs ridiculously slow. Form the start it just took 1min. 42 sec. just to open a new page. Forget copy and paste. Photo Paint is the same. Corel X3 does not do this. I am running the trial of X4. Could it have to do with having both on my computer? Never...
  20. Convert to Spanish

    I seem to recall an option in Corel that converts language. Does anyone know how?:help: