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  1. Color profiles for different substrate prints

    Just occurred to me, the designer, that when printing to wrap mater and window perf that the colors are different. Then it hit me our print tech uses different print profiles for each. My question is would it be "wrong" to go ahead and use the same profile on both if color matching is an issue...
  2. 6ft x 48ft wall mural

    Stretching is one thing. Let's not forget media feed. Media feed will never be "dead on."
  3. Top 5 Signage Mistakes

    Too much information for a "drive by sign". A logo without a tagline or any indication what your business is. Red or Dark blue text on black background.
  4. Paper Work Orders

    Didn't know any better at the time. We had someone here that was familiar with it from a previous job. I'll have to look into squarecoil.
  5. Paper Work Orders

    Yeah, the owner purchased Cyrious over 2 years ago but have not implemented it yet. My wife uses Airtable for her remote job, it does sound a lot like trello. I'll have to look into using a workorder from within trello somehow.
  6. What would you pay? What employees are worth.

    We're a shop of 8 to 10 (8 right now). Been with the company for 19 years. I too, am doing the job of a Production Manager, as well as, Lead Designer (sole designer at the moment), production, small onsite vehicle installs, a little IT, aid with site installs (to include bucket truck), and...
  7. Paper Work Orders

    I suggested that our sales staff use an iPad or tablet with stylus to fill the workorders on the fly but it got shot down. They just jot down all the info on the paper copy then transfer it all using the form as time permits. They can just give it to anybody else to drop in trello if/when they...
  8. Paper Work Orders

    We use a fillable pdf form which is uploaded to trello.
  9. Making a 4'x8' single-sided outdoor sign using 6mm MaxMetal and applying a digitally printed full-size laminated graphic to the front side.

    Usually don't have a problem if the edge is left white. Any dark color we try and work into the design a white border.
  10. Regards from Austria

  11. Plotter woes

    We use separate blades for reflective. That stuff wreaks havoc on normal blades. 3 different blades 1. reflective 60° with .75 offset 2. vinyls 60° with .30 offset 3. resist (don't remember)
  12. Plotter woes

    I don't see any reference to what plotter you're using. Are the "pinch rollers" adjustable pressure wise? If so, make sure they are all the same pressure. 132" is kind of long. Is the media reflective (i.e. heavy)? You do have a bleed, right? Interesting too that your plotter "rounds" the...
  13. Anyone know this font

    Thanks, I used to have that font. No wonder I couldn't find it in my collection.
  14. Anyone know this font

  15. Text (overlapping) to plotter issues

    In our earlier version of plot software (FineCut) I had added a macro to the cut code to throw an error code if something intersects. That way if one forgets to Weld as mentioned it'll remind you to check where the overlaps are. We lost it when we upgraded FineCut. Something that should be...
  16. help please: Printable frosted vinyl

    We use Avery Dennison SC5861 Etchmark Etched Glass Film with our Latex HP's.
  17. Maybe a SignDNA font?

  18. Airforce Stencil Font ID please!

    Barrel Font? Doesn't seem like a "good" font. Maybe a poor trace on all the characters but...
  19. Magnet cutter

    Hmmm, that is true. Maybe replace the suction cup with a rubber pad of some sort.
  20. Magnet cutter

    Hmmm, maybe