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  1. Trouble with Graphtech software

    it also could be your paneling settings are not correct.
  2. Looking for a supplier for a large double sided HDU sign

    laminate (2) 4x8 x 1.5 inch sheets of HDU together. I build 2"x1/4" flat bar brackets into a pocket between the laminates and weld to whatever mounting brackets or flat bar to attach to the stone pedestals. There are many ways to do such according to your design shape and wind load requirements.
  3. Trouble with Graphtech software

    Your scale to reality is not set properly either on the machine or within the software. I would start with scale test plots to be sure that you can scale squares up to the maximum of your plotter page. You should be able to find these setting in your plotter manual first and next with your...
  4. Ok...Who has the IVB with a starting bid of $2k?

    GACK. . .now there is one more listed for $500 + $339.30 shipping. . . neither one mentions program & font module/cartridges. . . Exciting days way back then on all the programming to cut a 15"x15"+ layout. . . I gotta say tho, that those Gerber IVB machines would sure do some major runs with...
  5. Need Help such a simple font...help!

    ugly font and ugly layout. . . I will try to remember to help and run it thru my font id software tomorrow, getting late here now. . .
  6. MULTICAM - manuf prob

    The CNC table uses the vacuum intake of a blower shroud with motor that gives a more subtle suction rate than a standard vacuum pump like is used with neon tube processing. We used the same similar type blower case with AC motor to create lower volume air pressure output to run our neon glass...
  7. Font ID for Serif Typeface

    Calisto MT Bold looks like a nice font to v-carve. . .
  8. I was really high yesterday...

    Most EXCELLENT. . . !
  9. COmpatible blades?

    Call up Clean Cut Blade dot com https://www.cleancutblade.com 866-579-0963 they have some Summa blades. . . not like Graphtec at all, more like Roland? anyways they can cross reference. . . Their blades last much longer than any others that I have used for many many years now. ;-)~
  10. What's New in Graphic Tracer 11

    Graphic Tracer works much better than Corel Draw Auto Trace, plus gives the added ability to find and substitute / replace fonts in the bitmap you need to trace and clean. It is also easy to use with a short learning curve.
  11. Need help with this font

    Right On font master FRED. . . !
  12. Used/Scrapped Composite Panels

    Yes indeed Boudica. . . Spread the Love. . . :-)~
  13. Need Font Help

    All of this lettering artwork has grey drop shades which makes it really hard to run thru font ID software on web online or with purchased ID software.
  14. Used/Scrapped Composite Panels

    ACP scrap panels work great for mosaic fence panel installation...painted or unpainted....
  15. Clean Cut Blade Signs 101 Discount Code?

    Ah Cathy here is the correct url for Ross' https://www.cleancutblade.com/ call 866-579-0963 and ask about Signs 101 discount code. or Use code "forum"
  16. Clean Cut Blade Signs 101 Discount Code?

    Hi Cathy Yates. . . https://cleancutblades.com/ I don't know if Ross still owns the company or where the phone number goes to. EDIT this is the site for Ross Jones UK partner.
  17. JimmyG

    Hi Lance, sorry I took so long to answer here. I forgot your last name? Do you do Facebook?

    Hi Lance, sorry I took so long to answer here. I forgot your last name? Do you do Facebook?
  18. Need Help Where to buy aluminum sign blanks like this?

    make an end template from plywood with a Jig saw, sand the edges smooth to the shape, and use a hand router with downcut pilot bit to cut the end shapes. . . very easy. . .
  19. Nix Pro sensor

    I've had a Nix Pro model ($99) for several years now and use it to check Pantone matches and match vinyl colors. It has worked well. I haven't had time to compare the differences introduced Nix Pro 2, But it does look that their $99 Nix Pro Mini has some less features. The new mini version does...
  20. What happened to UPS detailed shipping view?

    Detailed view is not there in fast lookup up anymore. I think UPS went thru some upgrades with My Choice. All of my notifications quit for a week or so. I had to go into My Choice login and reset all of my preferences for notifications.