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  1. for Dr. Seuss

    Some apparently turned into racist pieces of sh!t though
  2. for Dr. Seuss

    Watch out for meteors dude - there's one with your name on it lol
  3. for Dr. Seuss

    ok Karen
  4. for Dr. Seuss

    Wow. Is this the whitest forum ever?? You realise children are being fed these stereotypical racist images which reinforce white supremacy... uh probably not. I guess dinosaurs didn't evolve and just died out..
  5. for Dr. Seuss

    If you don't use an ICC colour managed workflow you're turning out rubbish.
  6. for Dr. Seuss

    I know right they stole our culture when they started making him from plastic.
  7. for Dr. Seuss

    The company themselves decided to not republish some of them. Nobody made them do anything.
  8. Summa vs Graphtec vs Roland

    One thing I'd suggest is buying a wider cutter than you mentioned unless you never cut wider than 54" Summas are good - just don't buy one for doing the super thick Substance MotoX vinyls or you'll be cranky like old mate above. I've found their software and connections to be a bit flaky but...
  9. for Dr. Seuss

    Anything offensive, yeah.
  10. Anti-graffiti, laminate vs liquid coating

    We use a lot of Ritrama anti graff lam. Works well but is also really thin. Like most anti graf lams it's polyester so will not shrink.
  11. HP Latex 560 Print is Decreased in Size

    It's not a bug it's a feature
  12. Cloudy splotches in 3M 8518 gloss lam

    We had similar issues with a roll of 8150 optically clear recently. I don't think I'd buy it again for the price. There were repeating marks at the beginning of the roll from lying on it's side or something.
  13. Colorado 1650 poor black color

    Mate try one of the Canon profiles from their downloadable library. They are usually quite good.
  14. Colorado 1650 poor black color

    This has to be a profile problem. Our 1650 prints the most solid blacks I've had off a printer.
  15. Need Help Colorado 1650 hazy prints and mottle

    We had a similar thing happen on Avery 2611. It was old media. Fresh stock fixed the problem.
  16. Question Ear Damage from Printers

    I wear foam ear plugs some days. The vacuum on the big machines can get tiring.
  17. Be safe out there....

    Wow hope you all stay safe wherever you are. It's hard to imagine this level of cold. I think I've only seen snow like two or three times in my life.
  18. Happy New Year!

    Thanks Val. She's making a living from art which is amazing especially here in Australia. gabbymalpas.com
  19. Happy New Year!

    Here's to a prosperous new year. Here's my wife's lunar new year painting.. it's summer here now