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  1. Outdoor Sign Recommendations

    What about sand blasted glass about a 1/2"+ thick with a colored background Might be to expensive but I'm sure it would last more then 20 years
  2. Is there a heat resistant vinyl?

    Not sure if this film is for digital printing or not but might be a good film to look into, its called Thermogard
  3. Question PNG/SVG to Vector Website?

    Send it to Eric the vector doctor a member here on signs101
  4. Question Jet black colour

    C60, M40, Y40, K100 always gave me nice rich black
  5. Pole Banner Material

    18oz. blockout vinyl sewed or welded pockets, it's eaiser to out source them then to make them inhouse. Firesprint is a good place to out source too
  6. Snap Frame For School Bus??

    This place has what your looking for. https://www.displayframes.com/type/snap-frames
  7. Canvas printing too light

    Fisher textiles has some really nice canvas for solvent printers, they will send you free 5 yard sample rolls to try out of whatever size printer you're using, im not sure if they are still free might have to pay for the shipping but not 100% sure
  8. Window film recommendation

    Whatever material you use, wet apply without mask and use a felt squeegee
  9. Doctor seems to think I have sex daily...

    Daily sex would be a good thing wouldn't it?...
  10. Ink splatter drops on SP300v

    Check around your print head, you might have some fuzzy strains from banner material that causes it a lot of times
  11. Voting

    Is it too late to do a mail in vote
  12. JV33 -DX5 printhead differences

    SS21 inks are mild solvent, I don't think a true solvent ink would last to long in a DX5 printhead
  13. Question sandwiching mdo with aluminum faces

    Nudo products has mdo with aluminum faces already glued on, maybe that will work for you
  14. Credit Cards

    If you read the small fine print on your credit card processing companys contract it has in there saying it's illegal to charge your processing fees unto the customers. Things might have changed from 5 years ago but I doubt it.
  15. Show me your rack!

    These racks work well, just that they don't hold much....
  16. A sign related food subject......................................................................................

    "Real Chinese foods" steam buns, pepper, egg and garlic, cooked spouts, dofu with chives & pork and a martini to wash it down
  17. Who makes thin chrome Mylar?

    Could of it been one of those Sign Gold films, it came in sliver too?
  18. Steel 4x4 post base

    I remember seeing those at Home Depo but not sure the base was that large
  19. Question roland media clamps

    Not sure about the Rolands but on my Mimaki the guides went into the groove on the platten and there was a screw when tighten would lock in but was moveable
  20. Looking for 'feet' for standing sign boards

    Maybe check out spider feet sign feet, Grimco use to sell them not sure if they still do but you can also buy them off of Amazon