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  1. help

    Can anyone tell me what font this is or one that is close to it? Thanks
  2. Print Shop Window layout

    that would be awesome
  3. Print Shop Window layout

    Thanks Jill...I like that idea. The red blinds themselves would be very eye catching. Like Jasper said...maybe a little bit of white text in front of the red blinds would be good. I like the idea of the posters as well so they can be changed to advertise different specials and/or services. I...
  4. Print Shop Window layout

    Sorry...that didn't come across properly...I didn't mean to say yours wasn't relevant to what you are doing with it...I meant should I do a layout that isn't really print relevant but instead very eye catching like your design on this print shop window. Does that make sense?
  5. Print Shop Window layout

    should it be something that focuses on what the business does like what Chiproller posted above or should it be something that kind of has nothing to do with the actual business but is eye catching...more along the lines of what wrapswrapswraps is talking about?
  6. Print Shop Window layout

    hmmmm...now I just have to come up with something that looks nice and is eye catching...lol Any suggestions anyone?
  7. Print Shop Window layout

    If you were going to do window perf would you do the entire window or just part of it?
  8. Print Shop Window layout

    Obviously, like most poeple they want to spend as little as possible but at the same time they want to do what needs to be done to attract new business. It's a new owner who has just recently purchased the business (within the last month or 2). The business itself has been there in the same...
  9. Print Shop Window layout

    Thanks everyone for the reply's. I'm leaning more towards #2 or #3 and then using some poster type signage hanging inside the building facing out....maybe #2 with the red bars at the bottom of the window since the posters will be hanging from the top. It is a plaza (end unit) with an insurance...
  10. Print Shop Window layout

    I'm looking for some help on the layout for the front window of a printing shop. I've attached a few layouts below and would appreciate any input/help/suggestions anyone can offer. The dividers between the windows stick out about 2 inches so I know that is going to be a bit of a pain. The...
  11. Font ID

    Can anyone tell me what font this one is? Thanks
  12. Selling a plotter...need some advice

    I have a 24" Eclipse (Summa) Plotter that has been sitting collecting dust for a while now that I'm looking to sell. There is someone I know locally that is interested (he just opened his own detailing shop and wants to offer "custom decals" as well) but I have no idea what kind of price to ask...
  13. Help needed with menu design

    Thanks for the tips and advice everyone. I really do appreciate it
  14. Help needed with menu design

    are you guys serious? Have I just been looking at it too long...or are you guys just trying to push me along so I won't bother you anymore?
  15. Help needed with menu design

    I need some serious help/suggestions regarding a "retro" looking design for a menu cover. I looked into having someone on here do the design for me but my boss didn't go for it. I've been struggling with this for a while now...and this is the best I can come up with. I know it's not good so...
  16. font help?

    Can anyone tell me what font this is? Thanks
  17. Need help with these 2

  18. Need help with these 2

    Can anyone help me out with these? Thanks
  19. Font Help

    Sorry guys/gals...got another one for ya that WhatTheFont can't help me with Anyone know this one?
  20. another font id