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    Suggestions Replacement for OKIData

    Are you looking for something like the Ricoh IM C8000? Or a larger production unit?
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    New Shrink Wrap Setup

    Yea we don't use our conveyor unless we're doing a ton of shrink wrapping, then we'll wheel it out, generally just use a heat gun. It's kind of satisfying to heat out all the wrinkles in shrink wrap.
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    Covering vehicle decals with magnet

    Throw some neodymium magnet coins on top
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    How to make larger signs?

    Latest version of Illustrator has 10x that limit, you just have to set it up past the old 227 limit when setting up your new document.
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    Snap Frame cover sheets

    Not exactly made for them but Southwest business products in Toronto sells 8.5 x 11 clear and frosted plastic covers that are used in coil binding in various thicknesses. You can get like 100 for $30. Should do the trick.
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    Wall Mural vinyl recommendation

    +1 for 40c, hasn't given us any issues. If you like a thicker material you can just use a thicker laminate on it.
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    Video Game Background

    We had one of the console manufacturers go after a local used game store for using one of their characters as the logo/mascot. As far as using an image from a game that would depend on the publisher/developer of the game. I can see someone like EA possibly going after them. But I've seen a lot...
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    Heidelberg offset press

    Yea you're gonna have a hard time selling that, we had 3 that were around the same age and when we downsized our offset operation we ended up just scrapping 2 of them. Most companies that are still using these presses will have had them for about 30 years now, and typically invest in newer...
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    Need Help Vertical banding

    Yea it's like a wave effect but very evenly spaced, which almost makes me think it's something mechanical. The motor has been replaced since this started though. I'll look into replacing the encoder strip and trailing cable. Thanks
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    Need Help Vertical banding

    Diffusers finally came in, put them in and not seeing any significant difference with the banding. Advice on next steps? I'm still thinking it's something to do with the encoder.
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    HP L260 - Error 86:01 Substrate Jam

    Turn it off, lube the rail and move the carriage back and forth manually. Do this several times. I couldn't figure out why ours was throwing the error, everything seemed fine. I had to lube the crap out of it and it was fine after. Other causes could be scan axis motor, encoder strip, encoder...
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    "Here, try this one."

    Credit card manager app with subscription fee?
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    Need Help Vertical banding

    Thanks guys, ordering the diffusers. Will report back with results next week. Again, much appreciated.
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    Need Help Vertical banding

    Haven't looked at that as an option, just replacing it alltogether?
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    Need Help Vertical banding

    Yup, all heads have been replaced, encoder cleaned, encoder sensor cleaned, vacuum holes in the platen cleaned, heater vents cleaned, carriage cables checked, scan axis motor has even been replaced. Another user mentioned those diffusers to me before, P Wagner I believe. I'll have to give...
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    Need Help Vertical banding

    Attaching printed tests. Ran on IJ35c 10 pass 100% ink. Also did one with the vacuum set to 0, prints were indistinguishable.
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    Need Help Vertical banding

    Ours is a 360, it's consistent across the entire print area.
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    Need Help Vertical banding

    Thanks, I'll give it a shot tomorrow and see what I get. Printer is tied up for the rest of the day.
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    Need Help Vertical banding

    Vacuum hasn't been changed in most of our profiles since we first set them up and they were printing perfectly for years. And playing with the vacuum didn't give noticeably different results. Line is only vertical and straight. It also just started one day and never got any better or worse...