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    Font help please-

    Thank you very much------
  2. mtmdesigns

    Font help please-

    I'm terrible i know
  3. mtmdesigns

    Where can I get styrofoam letters?

    your local sign shop.
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    pick apart please... i'm stuck

    grand prix drifting long beach 2011 thanks for the responses, trying to start a line of gelato/sorbet. have a partner and he is in love with the name, I'm trying to get used to it. The gelato is good though. Trying to do something a little different, these have been a hard couple years...
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    pick apart please... i'm stuck

    well I'm the client>>> so that would be logical.
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    pick apart please... i'm stuck

    thanks, but feel free to suggest anything you would change or do differently.
  7. mtmdesigns

    pick apart please... i'm stuck

    any suggestions?
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    Multicam "M" & Windows 7 ??

    +1 multicam monkeys
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    3M problem or install problem.

    3M primer 94.
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    Jet Fast Printing

    could u email me what you paid per Sq. ft. material etc please.
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    Atlantic Computer (fraud)

    So did I win the bet?
  12. mtmdesigns

    Atlantic Computer (fraud)

    I will take that bet. give out the tracking number in the morning. Cocaine is a hellova drug.
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    Trouble getting this pdf or eps into flexi or corel

    oops didn't know it was resolved.
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    Trouble getting this pdf or eps into flexi or corel

    unlock mask in illustrator. create outlines, downsave it to version 7 or 3 export then mport in flexi. make sure the stroke is at.001 or 1 i can't recall.
  15. mtmdesigns

    Help on a layout. Give me your opinion please

    I like the cut out of the bottom as well, maybe you can try putting the apartments available on some S hooks, and you can change things out etc. I dunno just a thought. Here is a "rough" sample. This will enable you to make the name bigger.
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    Employee price error...What would you do?

    Relax... You as the owner should know these things happen and be happy it's not a "big" mistake.
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    business card stock

    lol, move
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    Cheap Customers !

    if that sign falls on a customers head u go to jail..
  19. mtmdesigns

    Too many sign shops!!

    bottom line is half of the sign industry people are flakes, When you show up on time and get your work done with good quality it stands out. The competitor works in your favor because, the lack of work ethic some have in "today's" society. You get what you put into it.
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    Small PVC Letter help

    Yep that works pretty good as well.