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  1. Color Dude

    Help! my Mutoh keeps hanging up on me

    Is the D-Link a wired print server or is it wireless? Is your screen saver on after a few minutes? In your power settings, is the hard drive set to Turn Off after a certain amount of time? If it is, set it to NEVER. How much memory is on the machine? Need a minimum of 2GB. Do you...
  2. Color Dude

    Problem with FalconII print Head Please read...

    First of all, you should never hook a syringe onto the manifolds (pipes on the top of head) and push fluid through. This will ruin the head. Is the head printing now? Running the machine in the 2x4 setup is the preferred method. The machine will print better and faster. PM me if you have...
  3. Color Dude

    Printing A Gray Image

    If you are still having an issue..and dont mind paying for one on one support, give me a call and I will be happy to help you out. The reason I say it this way, is because there are to many variables than what can be directly stated here. It will do nothing but confuse you.
  4. Color Dude

    PMS/RGB Black & Red

    For a nice rich black in flexi using no color correction on the redering intent tab under the vector & text on the cmyk & others category, I use 15 15 15 100 and it prints a perfect rich black. Reds can be achieved in a couple different ways. Your environment is a very important part of...
  5. Color Dude

    Mutoh 1614, Yellow Prints Dark Orange

    You could just remove the contaminated ink lines from the dampers and manually pull the ink through until you get the correct color and then hook the lines back up and perform a powerful cleaning, that will flush the dampers, and you should be good to go.
  6. Color Dude

    lost work while importing into flexi?

    What I would do is drop the Adobe CS3 file directly into the production manager. The reason I say this is because the production manager is Adobe driven PS3 language. It understands things that Flexi cant. Does this file have a cut path around it? or does it need a cut path? If it does you...
  7. Color Dude

    Head Strikes On Mutoh 1614

    Banner material requires very little to no heat when printing. I usually set mine at 30 degrees on the first two and 50 on the after heater.
  8. Color Dude

    Mutoh 1614, Yellow Prints Dark Orange

    If they are not providing you cleaning carts, then doing a ink fill or manually pulling it through would be the best way. If you have cleaning carts then judt flush the system and refill. Thats a sure way to get it all clean.
  9. Color Dude

    MH01 ERROR [RTL] What does this mean?

    First of all clean the encoder, and reset home position. Power the machine off and back on. There is also a edge sensor under the left rear printhead carriage. Get some denatured alcohol and a swab and clean the sensor thoroughly. Let me know
  10. Color Dude

    Orlando FL with a 30 Versa Cam

    That's hilarious!
  11. Color Dude

    Color Bar

    I am assuming this problem happened overnight? Has it happened again since correcting?
  12. Color Dude

    Mutoh 1604 turning off

    I am very glad you stated that Caleb. I had the same problem with a customer that had a SC-745 Roland printer. He to had his digi-dryer hooked up to the same circuit as his printer. Moved it to a different circuit and hasnt happen since. Those dryers pull some serious amps & volts.
  13. Color Dude

    Ink Question

    I personally think you will be ok, if you just shake them up real good before inserting them. Just my .02
  14. Color Dude

    VJ 1604... extended warranty vs replacement

    Minus the Mainboard & Printhead, you will be able to replace any part cheaper than a tech can. The labor is unreal. You can easily go beyond the $2500 in one visit if one of the above parts was to expire on the machine. Other than that I would have to say just replace the parts yourself. You...
  15. Color Dude

    Mutoh falcon outdoor jr banding help?

    Did you ever get this problem resolved?
  16. Color Dude

    Mutoh 1204 connection problem

    I dont understand how it was able to comminucate the first time.
  17. Color Dude

    Fo Jr. Eo16 Cpu Err [05]

    This usually results in a mainboard replacement. Not all of the time, but most of the time in my experience the mainboard needs replacing. I would first clean the encoder strip and reset home position. If the error is still there, give me a call and lets figure it out.
  18. Color Dude

    CJ 500 print head....

    I have the parts in stock. Yes it can be converted, but will need a aftermarket heater system installed. I sell those for a local friend of mine. He asks $1500 for the complete heater kit. Has heater elements and controller box with a install video and instructions. Very good systems Let...
  19. Color Dude

    Trouble with LG X-ign

    I dont like that super smooth material. It almost cost me a customer. The ink in my opinion doesnt dig deep enough. I think mild or true solvent would probably work better. Good Luck
  20. Color Dude

    Bulk Ink System - Falcon 2 Outdoor 64"

    Well that sux! They seem easy enough to make.