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  1. SAS

    Hours on JV33

    Thanks, I'll give him a call.
  2. SAS

    Hours on JV33

    How do you check the hours on a JV33 or can you?
  3. SAS

    VJ1204 - Can't Open Port = No Printing

    I have had to replace the main board twice on my 2.5 year of JV33 because the USB died.
  4. SAS

    A little problem with a pan face

    You could try making some metal spacers to sit in the bottom track to pick the face up.
  5. SAS

    Font help please

  6. SAS

    Font help please

    Anyone know this font. Thanks
  7. SAS

    What would cause this with Oracal 651

    I have had this happen. If you are going to leave the roll on the machine til next use, just release the pinch rollers and spin it back up on the roll.
  8. SAS

    Looking Office Door Sign Brackets

    I emailed JRS Thanks
  9. SAS

    Looking Office Door Sign Brackets

    Yeah They just want something for the restrooms, office, etc.
  10. SAS

    Looking Office Door Sign Brackets

    Anyone know where I can find small sign brackets or the whole sign that will stick out from the door frame. They would need to be double sided so someone can read them when walking down the hall. Thanks
  11. SAS

    Canned Air...

    I buy it by the case to use around the shop from but the price on there website is high. I think I pay under $3.00 a can so order over the phone.
  12. SAS

    Anyone Hear Graha Sign Group?
  13. SAS

    Oh dear another tragedy

    According to a video on Fox News the guy that killed the three people in Co. was jacked up on meth for 4 days. If only the war on drugs was working...
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    Oh dear another tragedy

    Mexico has some of the toughest gun control laws in the world. Semiautomatic rifles like the one used in the Aurora theater attack can be bought only by members of the police or the military. Handgun permits for home protection allow only for the purchase of calibers no greater than .38 26...
  15. SAS

    L25500 and printable Tshirt film

    Has anyone got any pics of shirts that you have printed?
  16. SAS

    Panel Saw?

    I have a Safety Speed Cut It works fine. I have been thinking about getting a Festool track saw.
  17. SAS

    Another sick lunatic in the USA

    Making guns illegal will not stop someone from killing that wants to kill other people. He could just have easily walk in that class room with a machete and killed a bunch of defenseless children in less than minute. It would have been cheaper to, you can get a machete at Walmart for less than...
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    Anyone know this font!

    Thanks, SignosaurusRex
  19. SAS

    Anyone know this font!

    Anyone know this font. Thanks,
  20. SAS

    My house of poo

    That happened to me at the shop, but not that bad. City workers blowing air or something back up the sewage lines. I call and went off on the poor lady that pick up the phone, they sent two guy to clean both restrooms. They never look so good after they where done. But it would have been a bad...