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  1. sardocs

    Masking tape

    I like 3m blue - the green is harder to tear off the roll one handed when you are applying.
  2. sardocs

    Robert's First Town Hall Meeting

    If you are not familiar with Poutine, you will never know true love. It has a months worth of calories and cholesterol all in a single bowl.
  3. sardocs

    Robert's First Town Hall Meeting

    No Worries! I haven't been back there since 1972, so I imagine a few things have changed.
  4. sardocs

    Robert's First Town Hall Meeting

    I grew up there so I know how you feel. But they did invent Poutine.
  5. sardocs

    Liquid lam problem

    We don't have problems with transfer tape causing clearshield to separate from the print as long as we print on matte vinyl. I don't print latex though, we only have an eco-sol machine.
  6. sardocs

    Robert's First Town Hall Meeting

    "We're Vancouver area based, second largest city in Canada." I'm pretty sure Vancouver is Canada's Third largest city, after Toronto and then Montreal. Just sayin'....
  7. sardocs

    How do you charge for cut decals?

    I don't think charging by the document perimeter makes much sense. If two different clients are in your shop and one wants the Lords Prayer in Old English in a 1 sq ft panel and the other asks for the word "NO" in arial in the same size panel, do they each pay the same price?
  8. sardocs

    Amateur banner question

    Mit Sauerkraut? I know him. He was in my Remedial English class back in high school.
  9. sardocs

    Bull Crap of the day

    I am sorry i can't help with your printing issue, but your thread title sums up post #2 perfectly.
  10. sardocs

    Thank you, Mr. Benguiat!

    I wonder what he would have had to say about "modern typestyle designers" like the guy responsible for comic sans or the genius behind bleeding cowboys.
  11. sardocs

    Discussion Not sure I'm thinking correctly.........................

    This customer is the type you should try to hang on to IF you have NO other jobs at all, and maybe not even then. If he is messing up other scheduled tasks then fire him and feel good about it!
  12. sardocs

    Question Here on Signs101 are there any sign makers that still use brushes and paints?

    I mix cut vinyl, printed vinyl, and 1Shot all the time. Mostly I use handpainting to shadow or highlight cut vinyl text now. A hand painted element really can add the "human feel" to an otherwise sterile sign. And I can get those element on the sign faster than digitizing,cutting, weeding and...
  13. sardocs

    Question Artwork ownership

    This thread remined me of some drama that played out here on S101 a bunch of years ago. I had designed and lettered a clients vehicles for a number of years when a new signmaker in town approached him and told him he could letter his trucks and excavators for less than I was charging. He...
  14. sardocs

    Discussion I was thinking........................ uh-oh

    I think you are trying to get into the business too quickly, without paying the necessary dues. Maybe take a job as a Pool-Boy for a couple of seasons first. You know, to get your feet wet, so to speak. Also, how do you look in a speedo?
  15. sardocs

    List - Magnets that don’t stick

    These can also lose magnetics at highway speeds.
  16. sardocs

    List - Magnets that don’t stick

    Ski boats are notorious for having magnetics fall off.
  17. sardocs

    What would you have quoted for this boat vinyl + install?

    I do a lot of boats. I did 3 boats just yesterday. Two were in the water and 1 was indoors at a yacht factory we regularly do work for. Simple 1 colour jobs are priced at $320 (Canadian) for transom only, and it goes up considerably if multiple colours, shadows and outlines are involved. Add...
  18. sardocs

    Need Help New to sign making and need lots of advice!

    If you want to make signs for yourself, thats terrific, but you are asking people, who make their livings from signmaking, how to do it so you don't have to pay them. Have I got that right?
  19. sardocs

    30" print (&cut)

    Mine is 20 + years old, It's not even a "V" model. It hasn't broken down yet, though I did replace a head once.
  20. sardocs

    Name change

    that's wierd, my Momma said she had the perfect radio for my face, right before she hit me with it.