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  1. deegrafix

    VENT - Things that annoy you in the print industry.

    It seems like every truck lettering job these days is called a wrap. "I want to wrap my truck.", when all they really want is logos on the doors and a little something on the back.
  2. deegrafix

    3M Certification written exam ; what to expect?

    I heard from 2 people that the written part was mostly about knowing the 3M Products.
  3. deegrafix

    Vinyl Application To Coroplast

    Also, check the edge of the squeejee. If there is a nick in it there will be a line of bubbles to match.
  4. deegrafix

    Having problems printing on Oralite 5600 Reflective

    A few degrees of heat make a big difference on my printer when doing reflective.
  5. deegrafix

    First Signs

    What Gino said! :rock-n-roll:
  6. deegrafix

    what would you do? wrap in clear or print/laminate wrap tow truck

    Buy the red wrapping cast closest to the color, already laminated, and put vinyl letters on top of it.
  7. deegrafix

    Roland Metallic? If you have it, do you use it??

    Metallic Inks Has anyone successfully printed perforated window material with the metallic inks?
  8. deegrafix

    Free Stuff For Y'all

    Thank you! Very Generous!
  9. deegrafix

    Printing RED ?

    I have one customer that I have this problem with and I have ended up doing his particular decals in photoshop, using Pantone 185, maxing the saturation then lightening it 10% and printing 2 pass. The red is fabulous but you will have to really play with any other colors, making them very light...
  10. deegrafix

    Wrap shrinking or pulling back from seams

    I just went through this with a 25 yd roll. I noticed right away the glue wasn't right and was sticky on the edges and everything I did with it shrank almost a quarter of an inch in less than 48 hours. I took pictures of everything and will be contacting my 3M rep. I may still have to do the...
  11. deegrafix

    Pearl/Metallic Printing

    I told the client I wasn't even sure if it can be done, and if it could it would very likely be costly. He's still interested. I get the feeling that the result is more important than the cost, within reason. Let's try a sample! I'll get you some artwork.
  12. deegrafix

    Mounting Long Skinnny Printed Vinyl

    Tape it up where you want it. Make marks along the top edge of the transfer tape with a china marker every 6-8" and use them to keep the graphic straight.
  13. deegrafix

    Largest piece of vinyl installed?

    44"x19' horizontal.
  14. deegrafix

    Pearl/Metallic Printing

    Yes, thank you. It looks really sharp.
  15. deegrafix

    Pearl/Metallic Printing

    Thanks to 2CT Media for the responses! Does anyone have the metallic printer or can recommend someone who has one? The client would like to see a sample of metallic printed on pearl, a shadow graphic effect. The wrap will be framed in flashing green LED lighting, lol.
  16. deegrafix

    Pearl/Metallic Printing

    I'm not stuck on 3M. As long as it's fabulous! lol.
  17. deegrafix

    Pearl/Metallic Printing

    That would be great! So far I only have a couple phone conversations and a sample of some white pearl vinyl that is not 3M. As soon as I can get some colors from him I'll be in touch. Thank you!
  18. deegrafix

    Pearl/Metallic Printing

    Have you tried wrapping anything really curvy with the double laminate? I'll have to do the freightliner cab as well and it's a curvy beast, like this one.
  19. deegrafix

    Pearl/Metallic Printing

    I thought the 1080 was already laminated?