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    Heidelberg offset press

    When I first started in printing I was in prepress and made plates for our Goss community presses and also Goss Urbanite
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    Formed Lettering but the customer wants it glued instead of drilled

    I did a memorial wall letters for our fire department and just use GE silicone using a card board templet to hold them until the silicone set up had to remove them when they moved the wall to new location and had one heck of a time getting the letters off
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    Help! So confused. Need recommendation for CNC Router / Table

    I have an older Shopbot and it does everything that comes my way for acrylic I have a laser cutter gives me a better edge even then the 100K Bessie I ran at the shop I worked for. In fact I did cut stuff that for that shop would nod try on the Bessie as it was more cost efficient. I could make...
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    Our new president elect

    Not true Obama didn't get mocked as the left fake news would try and keep anything bad out of their newscast
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    Acrylic board moved on cnc is it still salvageable?

    That is why I cut mine with a laser to many recuts when I use the CNC router
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    Vcarve cuts are cutting too deep

    It looks like you have the cut depth set at .25 inch that wiuld cut all the way through
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    Tape Mount Acrylic Lettering

    When I use the pounce pattern After I install I use a makeup brush to clean the powder off.
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    CNC Routing Clear Acrylic

    But check out the price.
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    Question Which Laser Should I Buy?

    You should not keep laser tubes as they are easy to get from several different suppliers quickly. Also not true about the 80% if the power supply is adjusted correct You just have to know the max milliamps the tube can handle. A good Reci tube can last for years.
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    Question Which Laser Should I Buy?

    For just cutting any laser is OK. The Trotec is the fastest for engraving but the same speed as any Chinese laser of the same power.
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    Suggestions Glueing PVC Letters to PVC Backer

    I inlay my letters and use PVC glue easy to do and perfect register
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    Question Face Sheields

    I would if I knew where to get the material.
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    LDF spoil board

    I use 3/4 Trupan LDF I get it from Allegheny plywood They have a place in Pittsburgh I payed about $30 a sheet
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    WalMart Install 10x8 mural for $240 fair?

    Remember you have travel time prep time cleanup and may have to install in the middle of the night. will 1 lift be enough for the job or will you need 2.
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    Brazing aluminum

    Take a welding course and get a small welder you won't need a very big one to do the job
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    Enroute, Vcarve Pro, or Aspire

    I would download the working demo of either Vcarve pro or Aspire and try it out. If you do go the Vcarve route remember that you can upgrade to Aspire and just pay the difference. Also if you do upgrade all your old files will still run through Aspire. Vectric doesn't bug you and their forum...
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    McMaster-Carr - this one might be a record

    It's real nice having one 30 miles away
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    Router bit longevity???

    If you are only getting 1 to 2 sheets I would check runout on the router. You may need a better chuck and collet someting like Precise bits make
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    build it myself CNC

    Check out the Centroid Acorn controller. That is what I am going to go with as it is an bases on their industrial controller and easy to set up.
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    Question Shapeoko benchtop CNC. Anyone else using this?

    It will work with any Vectric software as I see them on the Vectric page. I have seen some nice 3d cuts that were made on them also.