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    Frank Fellers, the Owner of Fellers Has started his own wrap shop doing wraps for $1,000

    this has been confirmed by the person answering the phone a the shop that frank is an "investor" but was quickly dismissed as "he doesnt have much to do with anything". it would seem they know that this has been found out and is not good. it would appear from the pic above of his corporate...
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    Cheetah wrap & Fellers - Update

    Well, we all know they are the same company. Here is the latest that I was told from a fellers rep when I called to order materials: No we are not cheetah wraps. NO WE DO NOT EVEN KNOW WHO THEY ARE. WE HAVE NEVER EVEN HEARD OF THEM. We will match ANY company OTHER than cheetah wraps. WE WILL...
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    Hp latex 360 printer

    it can be tough. in all the 3 generations we have had, they keep changing the print head layout as far as what colors are in what head combos, and the qty of heads per certain colors (LC/LM) which one can only deduce is because they just havent figured it out yet. and you are correct, if you...
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    Hp latex 360 printer

    i would have to agree its definately a part of the problem. i know the last firmware .10 they release was specifically created to deal with an issue with the lc/lm from what hp has told us. so obviously something isnt right. i was wondering when i bought these why they killed half of the lc/lm...
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    Hp latex 360 printer

    we print at 10 pass and use all 6 inks. im not sure of the last setting you asked for. if we go to a 12 pass, we would be outputting a very slow process and would negate the speed of the printer. these printers shouldnt have to be slown down to 12 passes to print properly. i hope :(
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    Hp latex 360 printer

    while this may be true about all thermal inket printers its undeniably more pronounced with the hp latex printers. i have run both solvent and latex, and this issue was no where near the case with solvent printers. hps wont print the same from one end of the panel to the other sometimes let...
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    Hp latex 360 printer

    we strictly run latex. we never mix printers, even latex generations. when we do a new purchase, we purchase all new printers, and pickle the last generation for sale. as far as the 310, its a strippy version of the 360 hence the no auto cut or take up system etc. thats the entire point of it...
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    Latex 360 color consistency is not there

    thank you for this. its not just me! this echos my experience to a "t".
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    Hp latex 360 printer

    good printers. much better than the 2xxxx generation. we run 3 of them. we have had a total of 11 hp printers from the 2 series to the 3 series. color. always a constant battle. you will never print the same color twice. i dont care if its 1 minute later, or 1 year later. they are very very...
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    xR640 more issues

    adam rego makes 50,000 hard hat decals a month. just sayin.
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    Fellers = CheetahWrap

    cheetah wraps is most deffinately fellers. even says so right on the website. cheetah is franks personal vendetta against metro restyling. metro has a significant market share of the color change film industry sales and he is pissed about that. he also doesnt like metro so he created cheetah...
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    Dream Shop

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    3 HP 260's for sale. Very low time. All flawless. $7500 each.

    pulled them out of service at end of day today. attached a pic. usage sheets printed per above and affixed to each one. i can take more of anything if you like and provide what ever you need just ask. great printers with extremely low time.
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    3 HP 260's for sale. Very low time. All flawless. $7500 each.

    Bottoms up! All updated to firmware version Usage sheets attached.