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  1. John Miller

    Need Help How to mount a sign to a rock

    I would use stainless steel threaded rod. Drill holes in the stone. mount rods with epoxy making sure they project far enough from the face of the stone to attach your sign. Screw in a nut and washer on each stud as a standoff. Mount your sign and hold in place with acorn nuts.
  2. John Miller

    Contour Cut Digital Print on textured wall

    I'm with rjsssigns run away. Note to self... never work harder to save your client money and put your butt on the line doing it.
  3. John Miller

    "Here, try this one."

    It really is quite simple, collect a 50% deposit to begin work. Spend a portion of the deposit to buy materials for THAT job. If you find yourself using deposit money from one job to work on another you either have too much overhead, or you're not charging enough for your work. When pricing a...
  4. John Miller

    Colex Sharpcut 5x10

    I've been using a phase converter for over 5 years now. No issues
  5. John Miller

    Discussion First thing this morning

    $10,000 seems a bit too expensive. We can do it for $9,999. Same project requirements.
  6. John Miller

    Need Help Spraying Matthews MAP High Gloss orange peel Help

    I'm with Brad, slower reducer will allow better flow-out. We mix 3 paint 1 catalyst 1 reducer. Depending on spray room temp, fast=cold med=middle temps slow=warm weather
  7. John Miller

    Nifty Tip - Save some $$ on patterns

    I use Gemini for projects that we can't do in house for a profit, but several of their policies have turned me off in the last few years. One of the factors that made me buy our CNC machine was their policy of charging for shipping based on the cost of your order. When I asked them why shipping...
  8. John Miller

    Does this ever happen to you?

    Back in BC "before computers" I was reverse painting a group of windows that butted against each other. The borders had repeating arches. The client went outside while I was working and was stareing at the work. He came in and pointed to something that was about 3% different than its opposite...
  9. John Miller

    Need Help Cutting tabs on aluminum

    The duct notcher that Bill shows works great. We've used one for many years. I suggest you start with one of those. The next step would be a one with a step pedal that will do about a foot of notches in one step. I can remember my first channel letter job. Not knowing anything about making them...
  10. John Miller

    Gerber 408 CNC Spoil/Waste Board Tips?

    Adhesive is not necessary. Fly cut the new MDF on both sides to remove the shiny surface, then seal the edges, buy a box of canning wax at the grocery store, heat about a foot of edge with a heat gun and run the wax block over the edge, do the entire perimeter. The spoil board will stay in place...
  11. John Miller

    Question PC/Corel Question

    Thanks all for your info, I will try them out on Monday.
  12. John Miller

    Question PC/Corel Question

    Out of nowhere, my computer no longer shows a preview of each Corel file. Instead, there is just a green icon with a white knockout of a pen. I searched how to make Corel files show their content as thumbnails but none of the suggestions worked. Thanks in advance for any insight.
  13. John Miller

    Script fonts are the best fonts

    It boggles my mind, but a whole generation of kids, now in their 20s can't read script because grammar schools (at least in the East) stopped teaching script writing. I was making a carved sign for a hair salon last summer and while working on it, it occurred to me that a whole group of young...
  14. John Miller

    Max Acrylic flat face size you would use in flat face pole sign.

    A hanging strip is essential, don't do the job without one, bumpers are also a must. With the amount of expansion and contraction on a face that size, those elements are very important. Be sure the existing box will take a hanging strip. Do a thorough site visit.
  15. John Miller


    A woman arrives at the vet with a duck that is limp. She asks the vet to examine her duck. The vet says sorry madam, your duck is dead. That will be $69.00. The woman says "$69.00 for just telling me my duck is dead?? you didn't even do anything. The Dr. leaves the room and returns with a cat...
  16. John Miller

    Need Help Does anyone recognize this extrusion?

    stbrooks, no luck there but thanks for the two links. They both have lots of interesting profiles.
  17. John Miller

    Need Help Does anyone recognize this extrusion?

    Thanks Jester, Outwater doesn't have it. This is a tough one.
  18. John Miller

    What was the smallest change you made in your business that had the biggest impact?

    Sharing with the customer that most projects actually are two projects. The first is the design zoning, setup. The second is doing the work. Tell your client very matter of factly that you collect a retainer to cover the cost of design, zoning, planing etc. This means you are not working for...
  19. John Miller

    Need Help Acceptable Clear spray coat over UV inks

    One Shot and Frog Juice both offer a spray can UV coating that works fairly well
  20. John Miller

    Need Help Does anyone recognize this extrusion?

    I've been trying to find this extrusion. We are matching some ACP panels that butt together and need to have this extrusion at the seams.